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Creation 46(3):6, July 2024

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I’m so glad I checked


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One Saturday morning, some time ago, I received an email.

“Hi Tas. It’s Roger here. I’m in Singapore and I need your help. My luggage has been stolen and they have taken my passport, wallet, and money. Would you be able to send me $3,000 so I can get home? I’ll pay you back as soon as I return. Roger.”

I had known Roger for a long time and was upset about his predicament. Of course I would help him. I started to work on how I would transfer the money.

Then I thought to ring his home. Surprisingly, his wife answered. “Hello Tas. It’s nice to hear from you. A lot of our friends have contacted us this morning.”

llustration: Geralt | Needpix.comscam

She continued, “Roger is home with me. He is not in Singapore. That email you received is a scam.”

How close I came to losing $3,000. How easy it is to be deceived. I was so glad that I checked.

And that is what Creation magazine will do for you. It will enable you to check on the stories you are being told every day. Which are true? Which are false?

Like the nature documentary that shows you some amazing design in an animal and says evolution did it. Or the enormous dinosaur fossil on display at the museum which they say is 100 million years old. Or the school textbook which says that part of the human body is a useless evolutionary leftover.

Creation magazine will give you a different perspective. It will suggest things you can check out. It can save you a lot of pain.

For example, in this issue you can explore remarkable examples of design and see how they could not have evolved. Like the amazing blue colour of blueberries and the humphead wrasse (p. 15). Also, you will see the incredible feat of how one type of air-breathing spider can thrive underwater (pp. 36–37).

Plus, you can explore a different angle on dinosaur fossils (pp. 16–19). Check evidence that dinosaurs are not millions of years old but were buried in Noah’s Flood just 4,500 years ago.

And you may be surprised to learn about a false idea misleading people for 150 years—though unlike the scam that nearly cost me $3,000, those pushing it generally believe it themselves. The ‘yolk-sac’ story (pp. 38–39) misleads people into believing that we humans evolved from egg-laying reptiles. But the claim is false; the feature is not a yolk sac, nor is it a useless leftover from when our supposed reptile ancestor had one. The fact is that we did not evolve but were created.

Once again, as you enjoy this issue of Creation magazine you will learn that there is another side to the stories you have heard. Like Judge Alberto Boetti who presides over a criminal investigation court in Italy (pp. 38–39). He considers creation publications essential. And he thinks their biblical worldview convincingly explains the sorts of wrongdoing he sees continually. Like the scam tried on me.

Join so many other people as you read this issue and discover new information that will reinforce your biblical outlook on life. And, when you have finished, you can pass it on to others. After all, we don’t want any of our family or friends to be misled.

Posted on homepage: 20 May 2024

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