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Photographs and/or CDs may be sent by:


Contact the Multimedia Manager via this email form to find out what email address to use.

Maximum total attachment size is 24mb per email.


The Multimedia Manager
Creation Ministries International
P.O. Box 4545,
Eight Miles Plains, QLD, 4118,

Please include a Photo Permission form or state clearly in your email that you give us permission to use the images any way we like. This signed form or statement covers the photos you are currently sending plus ones you supply in the future.

Summary: We prefer colour JPEG files with image size of at least 1200 pixels wide, but even smaller images are still useful for the web if they look good on-screen. Also see Image Quality.


Some approximate final sizes we tend to use in articles on our website:

Photos: 300 pixels wide or less (and if it links to a larger version, 600 pixels wide), *.JPG (preferably saved in Image Ready (Photoshop), Irfanview or similar—must be 72 dpi).

Line art and diagrams: No more than 700 pixels wide, *.JPG, *.GIF or *.PNG—whichever gives best quality and smallest file size (preferably saved in Image Ready (Photoshop), Irfanview or similar—must be 72 dpi).


We source or create most of the graphics for our website ourselves, but if you are a writer submitting an article and you wish to know our requirements for images, please read on.

We generally prefer to receive original, high quality graphics with web articles so that we can make the necessary edits and/or down-sizing ourselves.  This also ensures that if a web article ever is printed, we have high resolution images available.

Please see our requirements for Creation magazine graphics or Journal of Creation graphics for more details.

We love to receive images with embedded meta-data such as who to credit and a description or keywords. If you know how to do this (eg. with Microsoft Photo Info), please do, as it will save us some time.


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