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Synchronized dance of dwarf galaxies stumps big bang boffins



Dwarf galaxies around our galaxy the Milky Way, the Andromeda galaxy, and now the galaxy Centaurus A, provide further evidence that the big bang belief is ‘baloney’. These dwarf galaxies have now been shown to orbit their parent galaxies in a synchronized manner, whereas according to the big bang idea, that should just not be the case.

The standard big bang cosmology of cosmic evolution has the formation of galaxies resulting from the collapse of a chaotic cloud of matter. This would predict that when large galaxies formed, such as our Milky Way galaxy and the galaxy Centaurus A, small satellite dwarf galaxies would form around them, while their orbits would be essentially random, reflecting the chaotic nature of their origin.

In an online article on this recent discovery we read:

“During formation, dwarf galaxies should both appear and move randomly around their host galaxies.”1

“There should be pure chaos and not order,” said Müller. “To find everywhere we look this extreme order where we expect disorder—this is strange.”

The big bang has long needed the hypothetical, never-observed stuff known as ‘dark matter’—and the equally mysterious ‘dark energy’—to make it work. If big bang modellers didn’t assume dark matter, they could not get a galaxy to form. But when they do assume its presence, the modelling indicates that several satellite galaxies should form—with chaotic orbits. So even with these ‘fudge factors’ (dark matter/energy) already in place, this latest discovery just compounds the difficulties, including casting more doubt on whether these fudge factors are real.

Note the admission in what follows from the same article about “tooth fairies” in regard to dark matter and dark energy. Also, the comment about the standard big bang cosmology collapsing “like a house of cards” if there continues to be no evidence of these:

“At this point, there is a mountain of such contradictory details that we’ve mostly swept under the proverbial rug,” McGaugh said. “Dark matter and dark energy have been around so long that people forget that we backed into them. They’re tooth fairies that we invoked early on to make things work out.” And if no one finds evidence of dark matter, he said, then “the paradigm collapses like a house of cards.”1

In articles on creation.com and elsewhere, I have been warning about this for some time. The article goes on:

“So perhaps Müller and his team have found yet another statistical outlier, or perhaps isolated galaxies work differently from large groups of galaxies. Or maybe they have found yet another problem with the generally accepted theory of cosmology.1

References and notes

  1. Mandelbaum, R.F., Synchronised galactic orbit challenges our best theory of how the universe works, gizmodo.com.au, 3 February 2018; emphases added. Return to text.

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Readers’ comments

Phyllis D.
I read Dr. Hartnett's article for today, March 30, "Synchronized Dance of Dwarf Galaxies." Dr. Hartnett refers to dark matter and energy as "fudge factors" and I understand why he says that.

But recently I listened to a presentation by Dr. Danny Faulkner who said that dark matter may indeed exist given recent discoveries. He qualified that statement by saying such matter defies Newtonian physics; if it exists, it's matter whose physics we have not yet contemplated or understand. At least, that was my take-away.

Is there a current consensus about what YECs are affirming about "Dark matter" ?
Thank you
Phyllis D.
St. Louis MO
John Hartnett
But recently I listened to a presentation by Dr. Danny Faulkner who said that dark matter may indeed exist given recent discoveries. He qualified that statement by saying such matter defies Newtonian physics; if it exists, it's matter whose physics we have not yet contemplated or understand. At least, that was my take-away. 
Danny Faulkner has said that I incorrectly wrote that dark matter is only needed to support the big bang paradigm. But that is totally untrue as I have written dozens of articles on the non-existence of not only dark matter but all of the fictitious dark entities in the minds of big bang cosmologists and astrophysicists.  If he had read any of them he would know that dark matter is proposed to solve problems not only in galaxies (which is what he believes and promotes) but in galaxy clusters, super clusters, in the whole universe and its formation, and also in star formation and galaxy formation. It is widespread. He denies that Newtonian physics can be used to describe the kinematics of stars in galaxies but is happy to believe in some exotic particles that 40 to 50 years of laboratory research has failed to detect. One paper showed that Newtonian physics can solve the problem which I wrote about in JG Hartnett, Has the dark matter mystery been solved?
But I am not the only one claiming that dark matter does not exist or is in trouble. Many astrophysicists themselves deny its existence. See A. Cho,  Physicists brawl over new dark matter claim , www.sciencemag.org, 26 March 2020.
Last year New Scientist (a popular science magazine) had the admission on its front cover: "DARK MATTER We still haven’t found it. Our theories are falling apart."
The non-existence of dark matter is a crisis in secular astrophysics. Danny needs to catch up.
Is there a current consensus about what YECs are affirming about "Dark matter" ?
Firstly I recommend this article: JG Hartnett, Why is Dark Matter everywhere in the cosmos? This help to understand the philosophical assumptions that go into what might be called measurements in the cosmos. From those dark matter and other dark entities are derived.
I don't think there is any consensus amongst YEC believers on this. Perhaps there would be if they truly understood the philosophical nature from which it derives.
Tommy S.
No worries. We will soon hear about the mysterious mirage energy and delusion matter which will rescue the big bang once again. It's never before seen or observed matter and energy that entangles with dark energy and dark matter to bring order to chaos.
Russell N.
In the past when I first found out about what some "dancing" moons do, such as Epimetheus & Janus that rotate around Saturn, I immediately was totally awestruck with God's power, majesty & creativity in the heavens. I had been used to all the planets being in perfect balance with each other; seeing the Big Dipper & Little Dipper in the sky at night; the earth being totally fine-tuned for life, & not too close & not too far away from the sun; etc.
But then...then I found out about the orbital dance of Epimetheus & Janus, how every 4 years they exchange orbital positions over a period of 100 days. I can honestly tell you that any time I think about &/or read Isaiah 40, Psalm 19 & Psalm 8, these 3 chapters & ALL of God's Word means more to me now than it ever did as a youth growing up.

BUT NOW...now Dr. Hartnett, your article describing dwarf galaxies "dancing" also, it's like God telling all of us--especially me-- here on Earth, 'you think the "dancing" of Epimetheus & Janus is really something, then look at this...!' It's like it's all too wonderful & too indescribable for me to take it all in!!!
And adding to all of this, that all of us were on God's mind & in His heart even at a point in eternity past before He ever created any of us or anything else, I cannot fully put into words what I am feeling & thinking at this very moment! And to think that all of us who are Christians will get to spend ALL OF ETERNITY with God, now that's the topper of them all!!!

But until that future day, learning more & more about God's created universe every day, that's pretty okay with me too! Thanks Dr. Hartnett & all of you at CMI for making these facts about God's created universe known to the rest of us. God bless, & keep looking up, I know I will!
Bruce M.
Quick question: does the standard model require the suspension of Newton's 3rd law of motion? It looks like it does from the representations.
John Hartnett
Dark matter is used to get the potential energy and the kinetic energy of the system to balance. In that you'll find Newton's 3rd law. In fact, only Newtonian physics is used. No relativistic physics is needed because the forces are so weak. But dark matter is the made up stuff that is a proxy for new physics. So in that sense you are right.
Dan M.
Thanks Dr. Hartnett. Through your teaching and that of your contemporaries, (in all fields of science) I've come to realize the whole of evolution is nothing but storytelling at its core. It all got started with a plagiaristic story from their founder, Charles Darwin who copied bedtime stories from the greeks and the French. It was a silly idea in the beginning and it still is today; since the idea flys in the face of logic and observable, testable science. Something from nothing, really! This idea violates the well known, well established, laws of thermodynamics. If it weren't for the clingy nature of its cohorts, the big bang and its big brother, (evolution) would have passed into history along time ago. Of course, they, (atheists) would just invent another fantastic story to justify their rebellion, (It really is, all about rebellion)? Folks everywhere we look, we find an orderly fine-tuned universe with gobs, (sorry for the technical term) of information recorded in the DNA of living things. Only in the hypotheses of evolution can information originate from nothing at all, (pure chance) but not a chance. It's late at night, time to drop the masks and end this charade. The parents will be home soon, (harpazo, 1Th 4:17) and there will be trouble, of the likes the world has never seen! It is time to apologize to your loving Father for your rebellion, return home to safety and dwell with Him forever.
P.S. I love a good SyFy movie. But when it's over, I have no choice but to return to the real world.

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