# Article Title
1 Off the planet!
2 Seeing the pattern
3 Japheth, remember to turn off the computer ...
4 A Right Royal Interpretation?
5 New Testament Creation
6 Legalized Cloning in Australia: What are the issues?
7 The Nativity: Fact or Fiction?
8 Vehement about human extinction
9 Climate change & terrorism: a new political agenda?
10 Dawkins and Eugenics
11 Not to Be Used Again: Homologous structures and the presumption of originality as a critical Value
12 Journal of Creation—a great Christmas gift
13 Homosexual animals
14 Old drug, new results
15 Living dinosaurs or just birds?
16 No sale for Darwin
17 The Haggard tragedy
18 A new Neandertal/modern human fossil hybrid?
19 A dolphin with legs - NOT!
20 Quebec Quells Creation
21 Quebec Quells Creation (moved)
22 Old Bee, Young Creation
23 Gogonasus-a fish with human limbs?
24 The Basis of a Christian Worldview
25 Elephants—jumbo minds as well as bodies
26 'War Cry'? Or whimper?
27 Unintelligently Attacking Intelligent Design
28 Can we live as long as Methuselah?
29 Origins questions evolutionists puzzled creationists muzzled
30 The Hypocrisy of Intolerant 'Tolerance'
31 Promoting 'peace with evolution'
32 Planet definitions and the Creator
33 Could the mammalian middle ear have evolved … twice?
34 Evolutionary ice-age theories still don’t work
35 The Simpsons and Scopes
36 Rampaging Radishes
37 Saddle up the horse, it's off to the bat cave
38 Walking sharks: evolution in action?
39 Kenyan pastor speaks out on evolution
40 The 'Lucy Child'
41 'Fragile comets' origins mystery
42 Crocodile Hunter - those conversion accounts - are they true?
43 Steve Irwin 'conversion account' - the original email
44 The Big Bang fails another test
45 Be Still and Know ... What God?
46 Has 'dark matter' really been proven?
47 Stingray of death: tragic end of the life of Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin
48 From weird to worthy
49 Canada joins search for ET life
50 Biologically inspired designs
51 The Bronze Tree of Sanxingdui
52 Neandertals were fully human in thinking
53 Petulant parrot proves a point
54 Hobbit: New news is good news
55 US Senate passes embryonic stem cell bill; President vetoes
56 Killer kangaroos and demon ducks?
57 Monkeying around with the origins of language
58 Deep freeze seed bank initiated
59 Big bang goes pear-shaped?
60 Designer didn't design junk
61 SETI—religion or science?
62 Darwin drives Da Vinci's Dan?
63 They must be joking!
64 Controversial claim for earliest life on earth
65 Chickens with teeth
66 Plankton's powerful pogo
67 Erring on the side of censorship (Brittany McComb)
68 'Schweitzer's Dangerous Discovery'
69 Dinosaurs, day care and diluvium
70 Caution about 'Ark' discovery
71 'Impossible' asteroid
72 Major US denomination 'affirms evolution' - and more
73 Aces of the Air
74 String theory unstrung
75 Sunny Surprise
76 Did God create life on other planets? redirect
77 Science academies around world urge teaching facts about evolution
78 The Heliconius hybrid butterfly: speciation yes, evolution no
79 Copying God's design -- biomedical engineers combine information from spiders and algae
80 The Hobbit: Precious fossil or poisoned chalice?
81 Dealing with evolution
82 How bees decide on a new hive site
83 Doing the (CMI) '2-step' program
84 Australian croc rolls evolutionary story
85 Changing Lane
86 Blast from the Past [Dr Johann Blasius]
87 Shrimpy superboxer
88 'It's just evolution' ... Not!
89 Venus flytrap: Ingenious mechanism still baffles Darwinists
90 Huff and Bluff
91 Excellent Eye Better than any camera
92 The Da Vinci Code movie
93 Chimp/Human DNA—count the differences!
94 Fish challenge misconceptions
95 Amazing Abalone Armour (Pre-publication)
96 Protecting your children
97 ET needed evolution
98 No Facts, No Faith
99 No flies on 'freak' sheep
100 Too Many Questions, No Answers!
101 The Da Vinci Code: The Church is Mobilizing!
102 The Pizzly: a polar bear / grizzly bear hybrid explained by the Bible
103 Dino feather folly
104 Intelligent Design--'A War on Science' says the BBC
105 Did Jesus walk on ice?
106 Climate change, Niagara and catastrophe
107 Connecting imaginary human evolution dots: The case of Australopithecus anamensis
108 Saved via aliens?
109 Creation Belief Alive and Well—New Zealand Survey
110 Super-rubber
111 Tiktaalik roseae--a fishy 'missing link'
112 Do toads goad snake evolution?
113 Doomsday Glee
114 Evidence for Evolution—A Paradox
115 New Missing Link: Real or Imaginary?
116 Humans walking on all fours: return of the ape-man?
117 Vale Dr Henry Morris (1918–2006)
118 Adam's Brothers? Race, Science, and Genesis Before Darwin
119 Article archive 2006
120 Not for everyone
121 Islam, violence and racism in Sydney
122 Refuting Evolution chapter 9
123 A Wolf Among the Sheep
124 Evolutionary theologian thinks aliens would have more advanced religion (Mark Worthing)
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