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Lesson 1
Planet Earth
Lesson 2
The Ground We Stand Upon
Lesson 3
The Earth’s Surface
Lesson 4
Erosion / Deposition
Lesson 5
Sediments / Fossilization
Lesson 6
Volcanism / Deformation of rocks / Continents
Lesson 7
Metamorphism / Radioisotope Decay
Lesson 8
Ways to date the Earth
Lesson 9
Great geologic events of the past
Lesson 10
Questions people ask

The Geology Book

The Geology Book
by Dr John D Morris

Lesson 10

Questions People Ask


The Geology Book


pp. 69-72

Vocabulary Words:

  • volcanism


NOTE: This lesson’s questions are the same as the questions in the text. We recommend reading the relevant articles at Q&A: Geology and Q&A: Flood After reading the text and additional information, answer the questions in your own words.

  1. How was the Grand Canyon formed?
  2. What causes the geysers in Yellowstone Park?
  3. How did Niagara Falls form?
  4. Why are the Appalachian and Rocky Mountains so different?
  5. How long does it take to form petrified wood?
  6. How are stalactites and stalagmites formed?
  7. How is coal formed?
  8. How is natural gas formed?
  9. How is oil formed?
  10. Are dinosaur fossils the most abundant type of fossils?


For the answers to the questions in this chapter, see the text.