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Creation 15(4):37, September 1993

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The rabbit doesn’t live there anymore!



The rough-looking Australian standing next to a smaller Fijian man looked as if he had ‘been around’. Tattoos, a black T-shirt with something rude written across the front, and the outline of a cigarette packet bulging under the sleeve completed the picture.

This was in a tough part of Sydney, Australia. A group of us from our church were doing evangelistic street-singing and story-telling when these two came up and watched us for a while. In the end, I walked over, introduced myself and asked them to join us. The young Australian said something like ‘No mate, what you believe is garbage.’ I said ‘O, yeah—why would you believe that?’ He said it was because evolution had proved it wrong.

While we were talking, one of the members of my church, who didn’t think the creation/evolution issue was important and had some vaguely theistic evolutionary beliefs, came up and kept trying to witness to these two about the Gospel. Each time, he was rebuffed by the argument that evolution had proved it wrong. He kept trying to use standard approaches about the Gospel, instead of answering the issue of evolution. Eventually one of the two simply told him to shut up and that would normally have been that.

He kept trying to use standard approaches about the Gospel, instead of answering the issue of evolution.

Having been involved in creation science ministry for some time, I cut in and asked why they believed evolution had proved the Bible wrong. The tattooed man said it was because of all the fossil forms in between one kind of animal and another. He was quite startled when I was able to tell him of the opinions of expert evolutionists that the intermediate fossil types, required to show evolution, didn’t exist. After a while, his ideas that science had proved the Bible wrong were obviously crumbling. So when I invited them to our church service that night they came.

After the message, the pastor made a call for those who wanted to commit their life to the Lord Jesus to come forward. The Fijian jumped out of his seat and literally raced to the front. His Australian friend, clearly greatly moved, stood up and sat down a few times, but he didn’t make it to the front that night. They were due to return to Fiji shortly after, but it was clear that my answering their evolutionary objection had been used by the Holy Spirit to break through their mindset, to get them to this point.

We need to be aware of where people are at today.

I have often seen this sort of thing. Have you heard of the man who wanted to have a rabbit for supper? Using a technique that had always worked for him before, he sat outside the entrance to the rabbit’s warren with a gun. After days of frustrated waiting, he was asked by a passer-by what he was doing. When he explained, he was told ‘But the rabbit doesn’t live there anymore.’

Isn’t this like much of our present-day evangelism and witnessing? We use methods and approaches that used to work years ago, before evolutionary teaching so conditioned a generation that ‘the rabbit doesn’t live there anymore’.

We need to be aware of where people are at today, and like the Apostle Paul at Mars Hill, be prepared to adapt our approach, and be ‘always ready to give an answer’ (1 Peter 3:15). It’s exciting to know there are so many answers available today to the lie of evolution.

Readers’ comments

Joseph M.
It is wonderful that these two gentlemen came to the Lord although solely evidential based witnessing will tend to make weak Christians and at worse compromising Christians who are susceptible to an assumed stronger argument. As we know evidence is constantly changing and when interpretive evidence is held above scripture unbiblical theories ensue.

Evidential truth is based on a correctly validated worldview. For example, before science can be done preconditions such as logic, morality, absolutes, information, etc. has to be in place. How absolutes can be, how absolute morality can be, how non-material information can be, etc. will be seen to only come into existence from a transcendental being.

Once in the mind of Christ the Holy Spirit works and Satan is subdued. Evidence, as a tool, alongside good presuppositional apologetics is a great starting point.
Stephan B.
Thank you for the reminder that what used to work before doesn't necessary work now. We sure need to be up to date with the info that will impact people's lives and quoting John 3:16 is truly out of time...even though it is the truth. People no longer react to hearing quotes as the 1 above...but instead , react when their every day thoughts and beliefs are challenged with real & proven facts such as the findings in dino bones, the fossil record showing no proof of evolution between 2 species etc... So i strongly encourage christians (and non-christians too) to search this site and some others too & read some books in order to KNOW what to say.
I just bought the book ''Evolution : the greatest deception in modern history''. Can't wait to start reading it !And the book ''Creation answer's book'' was really informative & an easy read. Well worth it for those who want to have real tools to fight this spiritual battle.
And remember what Jesus said '' there is more joy for 1 sinner who repents than 99 who don't need repentance''. Luke 15:7. So let's be equipped so that we can be better soldier for Christ !
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Evolution: The greatest deception in modern history

The Creation Answers Book
J. S.
This is one of those areas of mystery to me. As God works through his Spirit and the gospel - which is the power of God - He is unstoppable (irresistable grace, as some term it).

However God clearly works through the mind, even in order to understand the basics of the cross it requires logic.

History seems to bear out both are effective - some folks come to faith through much thought and research, some are cut to the heart in a moment. Typically there is some thought given to spiritual things before conversion, it doesn't oftern occur in a logical vacuum. I agree engaging people where they are is best but I don't discount the power of the gospel to change a leopard's spots in an instant.

Some will gladly proclaim Christ and Him crucified, but if they must first learn apologetics and answers to all the possible objections they will pull back from proclaiming Christ and leave it to the smart people.
Eileen T.
I totally agree with what you say. Only today I had a phone conversation with a friend ( who seems to always bring up the subject himself) and although he believes in Jesus as a historical person he can't accept Him as the Son of God. The subject turned to evolution and he's so indoctrinated with it that he can't even begin to imagine a God who would create a world full of animals eating one another ( in spite of me trying to explain this wasn't how God created it originally) but he can accept this terrible 'evolved' world because ' that's the way it is' ! I am praying that the Lord will grant him insight as I surely can't talk him out of his spiritual blindness, and all things are possible with our wonderful Saviour.
David S.
This is exactly right. I had been raised a Catholic, but I had struggled with my faith throughout my twenties, which included all of my time in higher education (for both a Bachelor of Science degree and Master of Science degree). I continued to struggle well into my thirties. A book called "I Don't Have Enough Faith to be an Atheist" (Turek/Geisler) made a huge difference for me by giving sound logical reasoning for the existence of a Creator. But even that fine work fell short, because both authors refused to deal with the elephant in the room, namely evolution. They attacked abiogenesis very well, but they (deliberately?) left the door wide open for theistic evolution. The Catholic Church doesn't usually address this issue either. All this left me still doubting the truth of the Genesis narrative as history, because logically the two could not coexist.

Finally CMI made the difference by tearing down the fallacious arguments offered in favor of evolution. As I look back over the last few years, I am stunned at how much my outlook has changed once I understood the problems with evolution, which its proponents have never been able to overcome. I am equally surprised that these problems were *never* discussed in any classroom setting of which I had been a part.

It wasn't until I saw the impossibility of evolution, shown here at CMI, that I could see the words of Genesis as history and not myth. Now I see: the truth starts with the words "In the beginning...", and not later on in the Bible. Thank you, CMI, for all the great work that you do. God Bless!
Thanks David. Dr Mark Harwood's DVD presentation title captures that message too: Elephants in the Room.
Chandrasekaran M.
Interesting firsthand experience and observation by Warwick Armstrong!

This shows that there are two groups of evolutionists.

One group holds on to the faulty evolution science knowingly to justify their ‘liberation’ from God who created the cosmos.

Another group is deceived by the craftiness of the faulty evolution science.

We need to be where fish are today if we were to be fishers of people.

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