Warwick Armstrong

Warwick knows from years of first-hand experience at the front line of evangelism just how important Ephesians 6:10-18 needs to be for modern-day Christians. (The above photo of ‘Wazza’ in traditional soldier’s apparel was taken in France, and while eminently suitable for illustration purposes here, is not meant to imply in any way that Christians need to actually wear such ‘literal’ armour when fulfilling such Scriptural injunctions as Matthew 28:19-20a, Colossians 4:5, and Jude 22-23a.)


Warwick has a professional background in marketing and wide experience in communication. He first became active in creation evangelism in the early 1980s, going on to serve in a full-time capacity as a coordinator and speaker for the Australian arm of this ministry for 13 years until his retirement in 2004. Since then he has remained active at the creation/evolution ‘front line’, e.g. appearing monthly on a two-hour talkback radio program ‘Highway to Heaven’ (www.rnb.org.au), and debating daily online (e.g. at www.christianet.com). How does he maintain his spiritual fervour in the face of strident opposition? Says Warwick: “Perhaps I won’t change the minds of those who are vocally and doggedly clinging to wrong beliefs. But I know I have encouraged numerous believers and have changed the thinking of some on the sidelines.”