Titans of the Earth, Sea, and Air

A new book takes an in-depth look at dinosaurs in biblical history



Written by creation scientists Dr Jonathan Sarfati and Joel Tay, Creation Ministries International (CMI) has released a new and comprehensive book that addresses a huge poster child for evolution.

The standard evolutionary view is that there was a ‘great age’ of prehistoric dinosaurs that appeared on the earth some 243 million years ago (Ma) and died out approximately 66 Ma ago. Humans (Homo sapiens) are late arrivals according to evolutionary theory, only appearing c. 200,000 years ago (depending upon which version of the story one subscribes to). Therefore, it is claimed that dinosaurs preexisted humans by some 65 million years. This is just one reason why dinosaurs play a major role in convincing people that evolution and deep time concepts are true. During this ‘great age’ there also existed many large prehistoric marine and flying reptiles that have similarly gone extinct like the dinosaurs.

Thus, an acceptance of this enchanting ‘age of dinosaurs’ becomes an icon for evolution and for many, a gateway for the slide into apostasy. The alleged evidence for this evolutionary history of dinosaurs is so strong, that many Christians have resorted to distorting Scripture to allow for long eons of time on Earth, and relegated the Genesis Flood to a local event. This undermines biblical authority and places death before sin, undermining the Gospel. Even more extreme are views that these creatures never existed at all!

Showing how dinosaurs fit with the Bible

There is no need to resort to scientific and theological gymnastics on this subject. Conversely, there is incredible apologetics value in presenting the correct scientific and theological evidence regarding dinosaurs. Any conflicting data are rarely presented to the public, because evolutionists have failed to provide satisfactory answers to the obvious questions such evidences would pose. Titans of the Earth, Sea and Air (henceforth ‘Titans’) is very comprehensive in this regard. For example, there is a wealth of evidence for ligaments, and even organic biomolecules such as protein and DNA having been found in dinosaur fossil remains (i.e.non permineralized). Surely, one does not have to be a Ph.D. paleontologist to understand that it stretches credibility to think biomolecules could survive for millions of years after a creature’s demise. And then let's talk about carbon-14, radiometric testing. Due to its short half-life, 14C is only useful in trying to determine the age of once-living organisms that are no more than thousands of years in age. But 14C is now consistently found in dinosaur fossils meaning their remains cannot be even 1 million years in age, let alone 65 million years old.

Moreover, Titans presents highlights from the archaeological record that demonstrates humans must have seen and coexisted with dinosaurs in order to represent them is such detailed fashion, in statues, carvings, paintings, tapestries, ornaments and much more.


How were dinosaurs discovered?

Titans starts by discussing the history of dinosaur discoveries and what was called the ‘Bone Wars’ where scientists were in frenzied competition to find fossils of these previously unknown creatures. This was a frenetic time in scientific history which led to many fragments and fossils being wrongly classified as distinctly different species, when they were actually just variants of already discovered and known species. These errors are now widely accepted by the secular paleontological community, and in modern times it has led to a large reduction in the known classifications of dinosaurs. And what exactly is a ‘dinosaur’ anyway (it’s not just any big reptile)? Titans provides a compendium of the majority of known dinosaur kinds, plus the major groups of extinct sea and air reptiles.

Giving God the glory!

While the book spends a fair bit of time refuting evolutionary ideas about dinosaurs, it does something that you will not read in most books about dinosaurs. That is, it gives dinosaurs a meaningful place within biblical history from their creation on day 6 (day 5 for the marine and flying reptiles) to later possible sightings mentioned in Scripture. With this illusion shattered, one will no longer think of an ancient, long past era where dinosaurs and reptiles ruled the earth, but instead they will think of Eden, the Fall, and the Flood. Thus, helping people to see dinosaurs as what they really are—a monument to the glory of God.

Providing biblically sound reading for friends and family

In our opinion, Titans is the most thorough treatise of dinosaurs from a biblical perspective ever written. Being well equipped will help our own families and children understand them in the right context in the face of the overwhelming evolutionary bias heard in the media. And try to imagine the witnessing ammunition one could have by invoking discussion on these captivating creatures, by turning one of the icons of evolutionism into outstanding evidence for the Bible and its Creation timescale.

Titans of the Earth, Sea, and Air covers such topic as:

  • Historical vs. Operational science
  • Which makes more sense? Evolutionary storytelling or biblical coherence.
  • What exactly are dinosaurs?
  • They had small brains, but were dinosaurs intelligent?
  • What were the smallest and largest dinosaurs?
  • The difference between species vs kinds.
  • Did dinosaurs evolve into birds?
  • What happened to marine and huge flying reptiles?
  • The discovery of Mass dinosaur graveyards.
  • Evidence that humans saw dinosaurs.
  • Dinosaur soft tissue finds.
  • Radiometric dating of fossils.
  • And much, much more.

This book has something for everyone

Ultimately, this book provides something that has been lacking for a long time; an all-encompassing and thorough analysis of dinosaurs in light of Scripture that also exposes the weakness of the evolutionary tale. The book contains plenty of information for us to learn, expanding knowledge of these amazing creatures generally, but also providing an opportunity to equip and witness. It’s a must-have resource for family members of all ages.

Grab your copy by following the link below or the book image on the right-hand side of this page.

Titans of the Earth, Sea, and Air

Published: 28 February 2023

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