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Creation 18(2):6, March 1996

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Why life is impossible apart from creation

By James D. Gathany, Public domain, via Wikimedia CommonsAnophelesGambiaemosquito
Can a mosquito pass the squash test?


Have you ever squashed a mosquito? Interestingly, the squashing of a mosquito may help us understand what makes life possible and what makes spontaneous generation of a living thing impossible.

When a mosquito is slapped, what happens? Obviously its shape is drastically altered and it dies. But what makes it die? All the thousands of sophisticated chemicals are still there, relatively unaltered. Many of the cellular components, including the all-important DNA, are still intact in much of the organism. So what is the problem?

Prior to the impact, the mosquito was a highly organized system with much inherent information. But when hit, it became disordered, causing critical information in the design of the body to be lost. There arose a confusion in the finely tuned co-ordination of chemistry (including the chemicals involved in its overall structure) which culminated in an overall break-down, resulting in death.

For another example, let's say you were to take 100 million bacteria and concentrate them in the bottom of a test tube. Now if you were to physically lyse (break open) the membrane of each of the cells, their insides would spill out, forming a concentrated mixture of incredibly complex 'life-giving' chemicals. Yet, even though all the right 'stuff' for life is there, not even one of those millions of tiny, single-celled organisms would come back to life, nor would any new creatures arise.

If the already complex chemistry of minuscule bacteria cannot reorganize itself back into a living cell, even when concentrated in the test-tube environment, then how is it that life supposedly evolved in the first place, from basically uncomplicated chemicals in conditions far less appropriate than this hypothetical situation? It could not have happened!

As with the mosquito, in order for life to exist the chemistry must be specifically organized and controlled in space as well as in time. For a cell to live, it must be surrounded by a sophisticated membrane that allows only certain chemicals in and out, according to when they are needed, not just at any time. Inside a cell, the proportions of an element or compound must be just right, otherwise the whole system may be thrown off balance and the organism may die. Furthermore, the entire living mechanism must be controlled by the fantastically complex genetic structure of DNA.

All this means that, in order for chemistry to have come together to make a living entity in the first place, the individual atoms must have been purposefully and quickly organized by a Creator having the knowledge and power to do such a thing. It could not possibly happen on its own.

The Creator is, according to the Scriptures, Jesus the Christ. It was Jesus who initiated the life-giving programs and initially arranged the molecules, holding them all in place as He gave the living beings their individual unique structures. It is Jesus, the Son of the living God, who deserves our praise for the awesome things He has accomplished in this creation of His.

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Readers’ comments

Aiden B.
Great article! Though I still have questions like what is "life giving" chemicals? And chemistry in DNA? But anyway, excellent information in the article from a creationist supporter.
Meg S.
This strikes me as one of the best “5 minutes with an atheist/evolutionist” apologetic arguments I’ve ever read. What an incredibly powerful, yet whimsically persuasive (who hasn’t swatted a mosquito?!) thought to share, to challenge, and with which to empower children, grandchildren, Sunday School teachers and students, home schoolers, in strengthening their faith and evangelistic skills. And like all great arguments, it finishes with the best of good news, that the great Creator is also our dear Saviour. I’d love to challenge all of us to commit the gist of this to memory.
Eddie C.
Extremely simple and testable proof that life could not have formed on its own. The only problem is that the abiogenesis crowd will say that current lifeforms are too highly evolve and that the original lifeforms were extremely simple when they made the transition from non-life to life. Unfortunately for many of them its the story that they believe not the simple facts.
Jonathan Sarfati
In that case, these blind-faith believers in chemical evolution underestimate the complexity of even the simplest self-reproducing cell.
Bill P.
Very good point. I'm also in awe at the imagination the Lord has revealed in His creation. He created fish that can fly, birds that can swim, and so much more. It just overwhelms the mind considering the things in creation we can see now. W/all my heart I believe eternity will never get boring as some like to joke that it will. As eternity goes on we will learn something new from the Lord, another words there will never come a time when He will say to us “well that's all I have to show you.”
Joey B.
Very well written article, the introduction is very well written. In one of my science classes next year they give us the ability to write for or against evolution, I think I may use a similar introduction about complexity and order.
God Bless
Norman P.
Such clarity of sight comes from the opening of our spiritual eyes, so that even a child can see it. We are then able to see that the great miracles in the Gospels are all true, and that greatest miracle of all stands sure, Christ’s atoning death and resurrection. But ‘Christian’ still has many giants to fight along the way, including all these proud arguments and other oppositions, that seek to overwhelm him, mire him in the Slough of Despond, or even turn him back to the City of Destruction. Praise God for the Helps he sends, enabling our faith in his word to prevail to the end of our journey. And it is a glorious end! Rev. 5:13.

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