Would you trust a dingo?

Creation 27(2)
March 2005 issue

14 March 2005

When Lindy Chamberlain, the wife of a pastor, told authorities in 1980 that a dingo had taken her baby Azaria from their tent at Ayers Rock (Uluru) in central Australia, the tragedy quickly became the focus of national attention.

Sadly, the Australian public was more inclined to place faith in the (imagined good) character of a wild dog than in the word of a pastor’s wife. People wore T-shirts emblazoned with the slogan, ‘The dingo is innocent.’

To find out about the true character of dingoes and how they came to Australia, read the ‘sneak peek’ article on dingoes from the March 2005 Creation magazine.

This issue also includes ‘Darwin’s impact: The bloodstained legacy of evolution,’ an eye-opening article recounting the horrific consequences when ideals consistent with evolutionary thought are put into full practice. Yet ‘armchair’ evolutionist academics are trying to ‘repackage’ evolutionism, forgetting the past and shrugging off its evil implications.

Other features in this issue include:

  • Alien invasion: Why do millions of people around the world claim to have seen strange flying craft or report being abducted by beings from outer space? The UFO phenomenon has perplexed researchers for decades. Now, a stunning new book bursts onto the scene with solid biblical answers. Read the first-time review.
  • Fighting a good fight: Meet antidrugs campaigner Margaret McKay. Find out why this committed and fervent Christian lady has turned her attention to helping people say ‘no’ to drugs, and ‘yes’ to the Christ of the Bible.

Get the grey matter going!

We live in a skeptical age. So isn’t it ironic that although most people believe evolution to be true, often they know very little about it? Sadly so many just believe what they’ve been told.

The Australian Dingo

That’s where Creation magazine comes in. To those who have never heard the truth, reading Creation magazine for the first time can be a ‘mind-blowing’ experience. Subscriber Stuart G. said, ‘Creation magazine ... [has] given me more confidence to battle against evolution and to counter its hold on those who accept it blindly with no evidence to support it.’

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Published: 7 February 2006