‘Cowboy’ Bob Sorensen


Cowboy Bob quips that he lived out west—the west coast of Michigan. His father was a pastor in the liberal United Methodist denomination, but CBB is far more conservative in his theology, and left that denomination many years ago.

The moniker ‘Cowboy’ was given to him online, and he kept it because it shows his attitude at going out and doing something, such as spearheading Question Evolution Day, which was in turn inspired by the Question Evolution campaign by CMI.

Bob has written thousands of posts and articles over the years, many promoting biblical creation science. His primary site is Evolutionary Truth by Piltdown Superman (piltdownsuperman.com), a name chosen to remind Darwinists of one of their greatest ‘facts’ that became an embarrassment.

After his first 40 years in Michigan, he now lives in upstate New York with his wife and Basement Cat. He has not quit his day job.


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