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The Importance of Question Evolution Day

A grassroots movement that anyone can support

By Cowboy Bob Sorensen

Published: 9 February 2016 (GMT+10)

The “Question Evolution!” campaign from CMI is a way to get ‘regular’ people involved in discussions of origins. The subject is not limited to people with academic or scientific credentials who have been examining the issues for a long time. Here is how I have been using the campaign and CMI materials to spearhead Question Evolution Day—an occasion to raise awareness about evolution’s most formidable challenges.


In July 2011, I happened across CMI’s “Question Evolution!” campaign, and added a comment that I would like to see a coordinated Question Evolution Day (QED)1 effort. A few months later, I began QED, selecting February 12, which is Darwin’s birthday. This led to a Facebook page called Question Evolution Day, which was later changed to The Question Evolution Project. The reason for the change was because I hoped the page would become a broader resource for biblical creation science materials and not just a one-trick pony.

Question Evolution Day is, ideally, something that almost anyone can support—even atheists and agnostics.

The Facebook page grew, and Question Evolution Day became an annual event, taking on a life of its own on the wider internet. On the official page, I now schedule videos and other material from 15 Questions for Evolutionists for several days leading up to the event. Also, I use various graphics to enhance the readers’ experiences and attract attention.

How it works

Question Evolution Day is, ideally, something that almost anyone can support—even atheists and agnostics. Do you think that people should be censored for expressing disagreement with evolution? Unfortunately, it happens, and more than many people may know. There is a strong element of intellectual and academic freedom involved in this movement, and we can take a stand for that as well.

Further, we can go deeper and give people information about problems with evolution and show that there is a Creator. But even that is not enough! Sure, people can be convinced that some vaguely-defined intelligent being is responsible for the origin and development of life. However, evidence cannot be divorced from Scripture, lest we end up merely encouraging people to become deists, as happened with Antony Flew. Instead, people need to know that our Creator is also our Judge and Redeemer.

Supporters can become involved in many ways. We can share links on social media, write blog articles, and so on. Creation Ministries International has given us help by furnishing thousands of free articles available right here, right now. Further, CMI can help us to organize events at churches and other venues, showing videos such as Evolution’s Achilles’ Heels or sending one of their qualified speakers. Let’s use some creativity and imagination to make a difference.

Above all, pray. QED and other efforts need prayer support, and people need God’s leading for their involvement.


As many of you know, the origins controversy has been heating up in recent years. People often accept evolutionary storytelling as a kind of secular Gospel truth—they tend to believe what “scientists say”. Unfortunately, they seldom stop to question how they know these things. But if you stop to investigate, you will often find speculations passed off as scientific fact, with frequent remarks along the lines of “scientists think”, “perhaps”, “maybe”, “it could be”. Yet they still assert that evolution is beyond question—hence the need for our voices to be raised.

We can make a difference because we have the Internet and true science on our side—and, most importantly, the Word of God.

In addition, those of us who speak up and express doubts about evolution are often bullied by atheopaths attempting to silence us through ridicule and intimidation (many draw inspiration from Richard Dawkins). If we take some time to learn about basic logical fallacies, we can see that the anti-creationists commonly trade on unsustainable bluster, which can be exposed.

People need to know that they can question evolution and ask for actual evidence instead of conjecture. When they see that scientific evidence for evolution is seriously lacking, we hope that they will be open to the message that the Creator, who has spoken to us through his Word, has the answers—beginning in Genesis 1. These answers are about more than just origins—they cover all aspects of human experience as well. God is our Creator, not we ourselves, and His Word must teach us about sin, judgment, repentance, and redemption.

What about you and me?

The Internet is a way for us reg’lar folk to have a voice. We can encourage evolutionists who are honestly curious to take a step back and question evolution. Also, we can tell them why it matters in the first place.

In the 1980s, the United States had a television show called Knight Rider. It used the tag line, “One man can make a difference”. I remember cynically thinking, “Sure. One man, with scientists, a wealthy organization, and a computerized talking car!” Well, we can make a difference because we have the Internet and true science on our side—and, most importantly, the Word of God.

In the eyes of the world, I am a nobody! But I have the ability to communicate, and the Creator of the universe living inside me—and that is what matters most. Do you think you are unimportant? Think again. And pray. Please become involved in Question Evolution Day!

References and notes

  1. The appropriate similarity of Question Evolution Day to quod erat demonstrandum (that which was to be demonstrated) was not planned. Return to text

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Readers’ comments

Judemeritus M.
Another effective way to reach those who CMI and AIG don't usually reach is to use forums. I have been active on Disqus and others for some months, particularly UK Premier Christian Radio which attracts all shades not only of Christians but anyone from serious enquirers, through nominal believers to every type of evolution tub-thumpers and even creationists. There are great opportunities to quote from CMI as well as to quote evolutionists own admissions of their true agenda - Lewontin, Nagel, Dawkins etc where they shoot themselves in the foot! I am finding it is a real mission field where the Gospel can be faithfully shared and biblical truth upheld.
Douglas R.
I am concerned that the heresy of evolution is constantly being dealt with as a "scientific idea." The supposed science of evolution has been thoroughly refuted for many generations, yet the idea persists because it is not science, but one of the "doctrines of demons." (I Tim 4:1) It is cleverly put in the realm of science to avoid the reality of its attack on the Bible and God.

The gospel of Christ is the answer to evolution, yet few know how to use it or understand its power. As long as the debate continues to be that of only science, the pro-creationists will continue to lose because they do not recognize their true adversary nor the power of sin holding men captive to darkness and lies.
Jean P.
I say to students, " There are 3 questions to answer first about Evolution. 1. What went Bang? 2. Where did it come from? 3. What caused it to explode? After that we can look at other ideas."
Terry W.
"The appropriate similarity of Question Evolution Day to quod erat demonstrandum (that which was to be demonstrated) was not planned."

...by humans. (FTFY, see Isaiah 55:9)
Cowboy Bob S.
To Gian Carlo B.,

Thanks, I'm glad you liked the article. There are many things I left out so the article could be kept to a decent length. Also, I would have been repeating information that is available at CMI.

There are evolutionists who do not know there's another side to the issue, and we'd like to reach those people and "plant seeds" so they will realize that they do not have all of the evidence. Ultimately, we hope they will come to realize that the true God has given revelation of himself in his written Word.
Narindra R.
QED is of course a wonderful initiative. But what about those million of people who don't talk English, like, say, French people? Yet the creation/evolution debate is also a core issue in France, maybe even more so than in English-speaking countries, since it is a stronghold of secular humanism.
Lita Cosner
Thanks for asking! Creation.com has articles in dozens of languages, including nearly 50 articles in French. Sharing these would be a great way to spread the Question Evolution message in other languages. See creation.com/lote for a full list of languages
Gian Carlo B.
Great article, Sorensen. I look forward to 12th February, my new 'Valentine' holiday (LOL). Well anyways, regarding the article:
You forgot to address also that even if we grant that some 'take-for-granted' evolutionists do appeal to evidence, it's merely a trump card tactic and don't examine well their appealed evidence. Many resort to radio metric dating, fossils and the human/ape genome issue but don't think critically what are the problems and also, don't look into basic genetic biology about the difference of species and the complexity of the genome. The same with the inaccuracy of radiometric dating and how it relies on assumed conditions that cannot be easily verified or how they overlook at how the fossil record actually is. But I believe you covered necessary enough: evolution, the theoretical and proposed theory as a whole and core is still in crisis and no 'evidence' from evolutionists can save it. So far we find the opposite of evolution.

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