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Creation 37(2):6, April 2015

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Giving young people career choices




Recently, I heard of a boy who was crazy about dinosaurs. He knew their names, studied their features, and learned everything he could about them. However, people were trying to discourage him. His mother kept telling him he would grow out of it. But he didn’t. When he was 14 he was just as keen, and wanted to become a scientist to study dinosaurs properly. Then his church youth-group leader told him that studying science would harm his Christian faith.

It’s a common idea that science harms the Bible, but it’s the total opposite of the truth. In fact, science itself came from a biblical world view that teaches a divine Lawmaker, who is not the author of confusion but a God of order; conversely, cultures without this world view could not develop real science.1 Most branches of modern science were founded by creationists.2

In particular, rather than causing harm, learning the truth about dinosaurs actually strengthens our Christian faith.3 More and more, new scientific evidence upholds the truth and accuracy of the Bible. Fortunately, a friend gave this young man books and DVDs that explained how he could understand dinosaurs from the history of the Bible. Looking at the world from this perspective can be life-changing. For young people it opens up new vistas to study and new careers to pursue.

That was the experience of another young man who grew up on a diet of creation information, and thus understood how to look at the world from a biblical perspective. He too had a passion for dinosaurs, and took part in some national digs where he uncovered dinosaur fossils. He studied palaeontology at university, earning a degree in science, and then did original research into dinosaurs, obtaining his Ph.D. So, when young people know how to think biblically, they are free to follow their passion for science without suffering any harm to their Christian faith.

That is one of the benefits of Creation magazine. It regularly reports new scientific discoveries, showing how these confirm the Bible. Dinosaurs frequently feature in its pages with news of fresh information, such as the curious carvings on a bell tower in the Republic of Georgia (p. 28).

Many young people are drawn to science, and Creation magazine gives them solid ground to stand on, and a wall of protection. In this issue you will get to know a physicist who, from an early age, loved science, and exploring how the world works. Creation information gave a foundation for his successful career as a research professor at a major university (p. 38). You will also discover the high-tech design of gecko feet (p. 25), unbelievable fruit that modifies taste buds (p. 56) and reptiles with amazing body armour (p. 20).

You will enjoy this issue. And, when you have finished, you can pass it on to a young person, who loves science, so they can follow their dream and stay strong in the Bible.

Posted on homepage: 16 February 2015

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