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Volume 30, Issue 2
Published March 2008
56 pages

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4 Feedback
6 Editorial: Creation: antidote for depression
by Tas Walker 
7–11 Focus—creation news and views
12–13 Shrimpy superboxer [see pre-publication version]
by Jonathan Sarfati
14–15 New archaeological find affirms Old Testament historicity [see pre-publication version]
by Don Batten
16–17 Terrible lizards trapped by terrible Flood
by Tas Walker
18–20 Answering the ‘new atheists’
Lael Weinberger talks to Doug Wilson, author of Letter from a Christian Citizen
21–23 Jesus fish / Darwin fish [see pre-publication version]
by Grant Williams
24–27 Creation for kids
Click to view PDF
by Russell Grigg
28–31 Squirrels!
by Tom Hennigan
32–34 Is ‘string’ the next big thing?
by Gary Bates
35 Practical pouches [see pre-publication version]
by David Catchpoole
36–37 Liquid gold
by Daniel Devine
38–39 A remarkable witness to Creation—Satan!
by Russell Grigg
40–41 Saddle up the horse, it’s off to the bat cave [see pre-publication version]
42–44 The genetic puppeteer
by David White
45–47 Engineer goes back to school
Don Batten chats with geologist Dr Tas Walker
48–49 Smaller fish to fry
by David Catchpoole
50–51 Monarch manoeuvre
by Dean and Lois Farrow
52–54 Liberating animists
by Daron Himstedt
55 Where did all the water come from?
by Tas Walker
56 A tasty morsel—left uneaten
by David Catchpoole
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