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Volume 31, Issue 4
Published September 2009
56 pages

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4–5 Feedback
6 Editorial: Darwinist hype and the culture war
by Jonathan Sarfati
7–11 Focus—creation news and views
12 One man, one woman—Does the Bible really teach monogamy?
by Jonathan Sarfati
13–15 Making the movie: How CMI’s documentary The Voyage that Shook the World came together
by Carl Wieland
16 2 Peter 3:8—“one day is like a thousand years” (Pre-publication version)
by Jonathan Sarfati
17–19 Making sense of life
Carl Wieland chats to medical biologist Dr Yves Bergeron
20 Going batty over evolution
by David Catchpoole
21–23 ATP synthase: Majestic molecular machine made by a Mastermind
by Brian Thomas
24–27 Creation for kids
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A new start
by Russell Grigg
28–31 The opossum’s tale
by Lael Weinberger
32–33 Four-eyed spookfish has mirror eyes
by Jonathan Sarfati
34–35 Reading between the Giant’s Causeway basalts
by Tas Walker
36–37 Let beauty be the judge
Carl Wieland chats with Helmut Hahn, the “shell man” of British Columbia
38–39 “Backwards” comet perplexes scientists (Pre-publication version)
by Jonathan Sarfati and David Catchpoole
40–41 Fast octopus fossils reveal no evolution
by Garry Graham
42–45 Climbing Mt Improbable “evo devo” style
David White
46 Vegetarian spider
by David Catchpoole
47 Snakes: designed to kill?
by Philip Bell
48–51 Would Darwin be a Darwinist today?
by Don Batten
52–53 The struggle for the soul of Adolf Eichmann
by Russell Grigg
54–55 Looking into the Glass House Mountains, Australia
by Tas Walker
56 A vase of flowers—by special arrangement!
by Don Batten
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