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Volume 36, Issue 2
April 2014
56 pages

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4–5 Feedback
6 Editorial: Discovering scientific evidence for creation
by Tas Walker
7–11 Focus—creation news and views
12–14 Concealed under Carlisle Cathedral’s carpet: Dinosaurs!
by Mark Harwood
15 Vegetarian shark
by David Catchpoole
16–17 How old was Cain when he killed Abel?
by Robert Carter
18–19 The watery formation of Fish River Canyon in arid Namibia
by Tas Walker
20–21 Genesis authenticated in clay
by Dominic Statham
22–23 Diamonds: are they really that old?
by Jonathan O’Brien
24–27 Creation for Kids
Seven ‘C’s’ of Gospel History #6. Christ
by Russell Grigg
28–31 A is for Aardvark
by David Catchpoole
32–34 Up, up and away!
Philip Bell interviews Flight Lieutenant Richard Snowdon
35 Anyone for tennis? (Pre-publication version)
by Mark Harwood
36–38 Divine Design, in more ways than one: The journey of John Leslie in science, medicine, and ministry
Daniel Davidson interviews Dr John Leslie
39–42 Stars
by Jonathan Sarfati
43–46 The Lake Missoula flood—clues for the Genesis Flood
by Michael J. Oard
47–49 Is God a ‘moral monster’?
by Lita Sanders
50–51 Time to refuel? (Or not!)
by David Catchpoole
52–55 The remarkable language of DNA
by Dominic Statham
56 Pollen problem
by Don Batten