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Creation magazine

Volume 38, Issue 2
April 2016
56 pages

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4–5 Feedback
6 Editorial: Creation magazine: the best option
by Tas Walker
7–11 Focus—Creation news and views
12–14 Appendix affirms creation (at least 18 times) (Pre-publication version)
by David Catchpoole
15 All one people
by Jonathan O’Brien
16–17 ‘Surprising’ lizards in amber
by David Catchpoole
18–19 The water cycle
Ron Neller
20–21 Limpet teeth break new record
by Jonathan Sarfati
22–25 Evangelism in the Ebola epidemic
Lita Sanders chats with Dr Deborah (Debbie) Eisenhut
26–29 The Jurassic Coast—Icon for the Genesis Flood
by Michael Oard, John Matthews, Andrew Sibley
30–33 Creation for Kids
by Erin Hughes and Lita Sanders
34–37 On eagles’ wings: The American Bald Eagle
by Michael Eggleton
38–41 It’s all about the teacher
David Catchpoole and Warren Nunn chat with Spanish-language ‘creation missionaries’ Bob and Frances Relyea
42–43 Oxygen in comet atmosphere undermines billions of years
by Jonathan Sarfati
44–45 Nebraskan deer mice—evolution’s latest ‘icon’?
by David Catchpoole
46–48 God’s wisdom in creation
by Lita Sanders
49 Biblical text transmitted accurately over millennia
by Tas Walker
50–51 Not-so-‘Still Life’
by David Catchpoole
52–55 Ignaz Semmelweis: Medical pioneer persecuted for telling the truth
by Russell Grigg
56 DNA repair mechanisms ‘shout’ creation
by Don Batten