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Creation  Volume 38Issue 2 Cover

Creation 38(2):15–15
April 2016

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All one people



Sisters Lucy and Maria Aylmer (left) from the UK, are stunning evidence that we are all closely related. Maria is ‘black’ and Lucy is ‘white’, yet they are twins born to their part-Jamaican mother and white father.1 This outcome matches what we would expect from biblical history.

The Bible says we are all the descendants of the first two people who lived, Adam and Eve, whom God created and placed in the Garden of Eden. Following the global Flood, when God sent a judgment on the earth, only Noah, his wife, three sons, and their wives survived. Their early descendants didn’t learn their lesson, and disobeyed God’s command to fill the earth. Instead they congregated at Babel and built a huge tower—in the days of Peleg about a century later (Genesis 10:25). So God confused the languages, forcing them to spread out (Genesis 11). This dispersal led to the different nations tabulated in Genesis 10. The minor genetic differences called ‘racial’ were the result of the genetic isolation of these different people groups for centuries.2,3

However, Charles Darwin didn’t believe the history of man as told in the Bible. Darwin saw man as a group of ‘races’, each of which had evolved separately over vast, untold ages. He believed our original ancestor was an as-yet unidentified ‘ape-like’ animal—and that some of the ‘races’ of man are more evolved than others. So racism greatly increased in the West after the general acceptance of Darwin’s theory.4 He missed seeing the prejudice in his own belief that the white English people, of which he was one, conveniently happened to be among those most evolved.

But confounding all such racist vanity, the Bible tells us we are all one people. A plain reading of Scripture also tells us that the world is really only about 6,000 years old … not 4.6 billion years old. All people, regardless of skin tone, background, or country of birth, are closely-related ‘brothers and sisters’. We are literally sons and daughters of Adam and Eve—made in the image of God—via Noah, who could be called a ‘second Adam’.5 And as Lucy rightly says, “my family is beautiful.”

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