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Creation magazine

Volume 40, Issue 4
October 2018
56 pages

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4–5 Feedback
6 Editorial: 40 years of Creation magazine
by Jonathan Sarfati
7–11 Focus—creation news and views
12–15 Creation astronomy from a rocket scientist
by David Coppedge
16–18 Pigeon revision: Brainy birds trump bookish baboons
by David Catchpoole
19 Real particle physics disappoints big bangers
by Jonathan Sarfati
20–22 Coming full circle
Creation magazine talks with German astrophysicist, theologian, and philosopher ‘Stephan’ who operates a mission to Muslims in many lands
23 The age of arches
by Don Batten
24–26 An eggcellent design: Eggshell nanostructure shows purposeful construction
by Philip Robinson and Jenny Arms
27 Facing up to design
by David Catchpoole
28–31 Designer stripes: Zebras and the truth of Genesis
by Tricia Wright
32–35 Creation for Kids—God is the Architect of the universe
by Erin Hughes and Lita Sanders
36–38 Making sense of ‘Homo naledi’
by Peter Line
39 Super-successful self-cloning crayfish
by David Catchpoole
40–41 Communicating the truth of creation with grace
by Lita Sanders
42–43 The atlatl (woomera) and the heron’s neck: Early biomimicry on display?
by Jon Ahlquist and David Catchpoole
44–46 What was God doing before creation?
by Lita Sanders
47 Recent origin of species: New DNA study challenges evolution’s story
by Don Batten
48–52 Leonhard Euler: Mathematical genius and Bible-believing Christian
by Russell Grigg
53–55 The mystery of the moon
by Dominic Statham
56 Salad-eating sharks
by David Catchpoole