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Creation magazine

Volume 43, Issue 1
January 2021
56 pages

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4–5 Feedback
6 Editorial: God speaks!
by Don Batten
7–11 Focus—creation news and views
12–13 Trees: God’s creative power on display 
by Joseph Havel
14–16 AI Almighty: Artificial intelligence and evolution 
by Ari Takku 
17 Startling sturddlefish 
by Jonathan Sarfati 
18–21 Photographing God’s creation
Ron Neller interviews ecologist, explorer, author,and nature photographer Bill Beohm
22–23 Shrimp eye design: Reflective nanotechnology could inspire new optical coating 
Jonathan Sarfati
24–27 Can Christians add the big bang to the Bible?
by Russell Grigg
28–31 Pinnipeds: Fascinating creatures that thwart evolution 
by Matthew Cserhati
32–35 Creation for Kids—The Sun: “The light that rules the day.”
by Lita Sanders and Jonathan Sarfati
36–39 Chalk challenges deep-time dogma
by Gavin Cox
40–43 Over-kill, over-chill, or over ill? Why a mass extinction at the end of the Ice Age? 
Michael Oard
44–47 Physicist staunchly defends biblical creation
Jonathan Sarfati chats with Dr Russell Humphreys
48–49 Jonah’s witness to the Creator God
by Lita Sanders
50–51 Thunder lizard handstands
by Philip Robinson
52–54 Were ‘the waters above’ a vapour canopy 
by Jonathan Sarfati.
55 Creation-based conservation for the Red Panda 
by Matthew Cserhati
56 Inside the belly of a monster
by Philip Robinson