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Volume 44, Issue 4
October 2022
56 pages

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4–5 Feedback
6 Editorial: Exit God, enter death culture
by Don Batten
7–11 Focus—creation news and views
12–15 Fiery opals from the Flood: These stunning gemstones formed at a unique time in Earth’s history
by Tas Walker
16–17 The original Jurassic Park: Message of the first “live’ dinosaurs at Crystal Palace Park
by Kevin Lamoure
18–22 From radical racist to passionate preacher
Michael Cook chats with former racist militia member Maarten Labuschagne
23 Lost civilizations of the Amazon
by David Thomas
24–25 Days for reasons: God creating in a span of Earth-days has important implications
by David Green
26–27 Sharkcano: Sharks living in active underwater volcano
by Clare Williams
28–31 Stargazers
by Joel Tay
32–35 Creation for Kids—Planets around other stars: Is there life on them?
by Jonathan Sarfati
36–37 Scuba diving lizards
by Philip Bell
38–40 Why did God reject Cain’s offering?
by Jonathan Sarfati
41–43 Life designed to not evolve
by Bruce Lawrence
44–47 Science, farming, family, and faith
Ron Neller interviews agricultural systems researcher Dr Ken Rickert
48–49 Why were ichthyosaurs and plesiosaurs so huge?
by Jonathan Sarfati
50–51 Fast folding: Cells perform a truly amazing feat … and have from the beginning
by Jonathan O’Brien
52–53 Darwin, Marx, and two letters
by Russell Grigg
54–55 Earth’s design for life: A systems engineering masterpiece
by Jonathan Corrado
56 Another one bites the dust
by Mark James