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Creation Magazine Volume 18 Issue 2 Cover

Creation magazine archive > Volume 18, Issue 2

Creation magazine

Volume 18, Issue 2
Published March 1996
52 pages

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4 Adam's rib
5 Letters to the Editor
6 Why life is impossible apart from creation
by Tom Wagner
7 –9 Focus: news of interest about creation and evolution
10 –13 Eating out in Eden
Feature Article by Paul Emerson
14 –15 Ichthyosaurs—created to live in the sea
by Geoff Chapman
16 –18 Kangaroos, dinosaurs, and Eden
by Ken Ham
19 Mount Rushmore ... evidence of design
by Paula Weston
20 –23 Dogs breeding dogs?
Feature Article by Don Batten
24 –25 Darwin's termites
by Joachim Scheven
26 –27 The echidna enigma ... and the platypus puzzle
by Robert Doolan
28 Grand Canyon
29 –32 Our World (Creation for Kids)
Creation For Kids
33 –36 Ernst Haeckel
Feature Article by Russell Grigg
37 Bokos find answers in Genesis
by Ross Jones
38 –40 Seeing back to front
Feature Article by Carl Wieland
41 –43 Evolution? It doesn't add up!
Interview by Robert Doolan
44 –45 What does ‘replenish the earth’ mean?
Creation Question by Charles Taylor
45 Creationwise—cartoon
by Dan Lietha
46 –48 Great creation scientist
by Ann Lamont
48 Book review: 21 Great Scientists who Believed the Bible
Book Review
50 –51 Were stars created?
Creation Question
52 The bigger they are ...
by Carl Wieland