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The Sulawesi Bear Cuscus
What has eyes like a lemur, a body like a koala, is often called a ‘marsupial monkey’, and shares its island home with pigs and dwarf buffaloes?
by Paula Weston and Carl Wieland
Evolution of the neuron
Can evolution explain the origin of neurons?
by Jerry Bergman
Naturally caffeine-free tea
The Economist claims the Hongyacha tea plant has made an “evolutionary journey towards losing caffeine”
by James Hughes and Robert Carter
Golden numbers
The ratio of 1:1.62 is seen in building design, in flower petals, pine cones and much more. It is widely acknowledged to be very pleasing to the eye. Why?
by Carl Wieland and Russell Grigg
Documentary series ‘DNA Journey’ goes to Africa
We respond to a question about the out-of-Africa hypothesis, Mitochondrial Eve, and consider the implications for the way we value human beings.
by Andrew Sibley
Bacteria—master compass builders
These bacteria precision-build magnetic navigation aids
by David Thomas
Sensational dinosaur blood report!
This 1997 report rocked the world of paleontology—how is it possible if dinosaur bones are millions of years old?
by Carl Wieland
The marvellous molecule
A data storage and processing system with multiple overlapping codes—how did it come to be?
by Bruce Lawrence
More or less information?
Responding to vexatious evolutionist challenges about genetic information.
by Andrew Lamb
God’s DNA-detangling motors
Complex operations within a cell have to be present from the start for it to function at all.
by Jonathan Sarfati
Doppelgänger protein ‘Signal Recognition Particle 14’ refutes evolution
Present problems for evolution.
by Matthew Cserhati
Forever young, a vain hope without God?
Is the pursuit of youth a vain hope? Is there scientific merit to the idea of living much longer than we do today?
by Lucien Tuinstra