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The original ‘unknown’ god of China
The oldest Chinese writing shows that the people had the knowledge of the God of Genesis.
by Ethel Nelson
The language faculty: following the evidence
Attempts to link language and biological evolution have encountered impassible problems but the evidence points to a designed system.
by Fred Field
Dating of “oldest pottery” from China is based on assumptions
The evidence is consistent with biblical history.
by Tas Walker
The Tower of Babel account affirmed by linguistics
How the account in Genesis 11 accurately records the origin of different languages.
by K. J. Duursma
New archaeological find affirms Old Testament historicity
The discovery of a tablet with details of one of Nebuchadnezzar’s court officials supports the historicity of the book of Jeremiah.
by Don Batten
Egyptian history and the biblical record: a perfect match?
The historical accounts in Genesis and Exodus are often attacked on the basis of the ‘secure’ Egyptian chronology—but scholars are increasingly discovering that this is itself on shaky ground.
by By Daniel Anderson
Archaeology supports the Bible
If the Bible records historical events accurately then there ought to be archaeological evidence for it.
by Richard Fangrad and Thomas Bailey
Suddenly there was culture
Creation for Kids: Suddenly there was culture
by Lara Wieland
Candidate site for Noah’s Ark, altar, and tomb
Possible site for Noah’s Ark?
by Ken Griffith & Darrell K. White
Searching for Moses
by David Down
Axing evolutionary ideas—stone dead!
Axing evolutionary ideas—stone dead!
by Marvin Lubenow
Bonebox bashers blasted
by Jonathan Sarfati