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Atheism is more rational?
Is atheism simply non-belief or an active belief? Who has the ‘burden of proof’: atheists or theists.
by Jonathan Sarfati
Global Atheist Convention in Melbourne rejects CMI debate challenge
In March, the cream of the world’s atheists, including Dawkins, will be in Australia. Why would they not relish the chance to publicly crush some of the world’s leading creationists?
by Carl Wieland
Handling Aggressive Atheists
How should a Christian respond to a hostile critic?
by Keaton Halley
Atheism needs evolution
Far from the theory of evolution being derived from facts that speak for themselves, it is actually rooted in the philosophical concept of atheism.
by Calvin Smith
Atheists credit the Gospel
Two high-profile atheists concede that to get practical help to the poor and liberate them from poverty you need Christianity’s teaching about man’s place in the Universe
by David Catchpoole
Answering the ‘new atheists’
Christian author Doug Wilson has met the challenge of the new apostles of godlessness ‘head-on’, teaching Christians how to refute their arguments with ease.
by Lael Weinberger
Atheism—no objective morality?
Does common human agreement on morality make it objective?
by Don Batten
From Atheism to Christ
A young scientist indoctrinated in atheistic philosophy in China came to America and was dramatically converted to Christianity.
by Rob Carter
Terrorism and Europe’s spiritual vacuum
Threats to peace and stability generally (such as fear of terrorism) are not disconnected from the increasing moral and spiritual vacuum in our post-Christian western nations.
by Philip Bell
Atheists to do religious education in schools
The government of Victoria, Australia, looks set to approve atheists teaching their destructive beliefs to young children.
by Don Batten and Russell Grigg
Responding to atheistic opposition
Responding to underhanded tactics to silence the creation message
by Don Batten
Answering a reasonable atheist on deep philosophical questions
Atheist argues that meaning and morality are possible without God.
by Dr Jonathan Sarfati