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Can atheists know meaning and purpose?
The atheists’ claim that we can find purpose in a purposeless universe requires their followers to perform intellectual summersaults and to act inconsistently with their core beliefs.
by Dominic Statham`
Sorry, atheists, but you’re wrong
Vicious, mindless, random acts of violence are on the increase.
by David Catchpoole, Warren Nunn
Richard Dawkins is releasing an atheist children’s book
Richard Dawkins is releasing an atheist children’s book laced with blasphemy.
by Paul Price
Countering atheistic arguments
Dr Rob Carter gives five concise responses
by Rob Carter
Suicidal atheist converts to Christ
A former atheist found himself suicidal when he realized the implications of atheism, which logically destroys all meaning and purpose in our existence. Thankfully he has now found purpose and meaning.
by Don Batten
Army atheist yells, ‘God save me’, as shells explode
How creation evangelism helped change the life of a scared soldier.
by Roger Griffiths
An ‘impossible’ dream—for an atheist
When an atheist’s recurring dream came true, he was left badly shaken—but none the wiser.
by David Catchpoole
Defining arguments away—the distorted language of secularism
How key terms in the origins debate have been defined to slant the ‘rules of engagement’ between Christianity and secularism against Christianity.
by Shaun Doyle
Thomas Nagel—The atheist who dared to question materialism
Neo-Darwinists are upset that an atheist philosopher has questioned their view of materialism.
by Warren Nunn
The totalitarian intolerance of the New Atheists
The brother of an ardent anti-creationist highlights the devastating effects of atheism.
by Dominic Statham
Don’t bother me with your religion!
Freedom of religion means living peaceably with people who disagree with you.
by Don Batten
A miracle by any other name would be … called science?
Taking their own medicine. Atheists sometimes criticize Christians as irrational for believing in miracles. Can their worldview withstand the same examination?
by Calvin Smith