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Creation 45(3):6, July 2023

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Faith tested



by Don Batten

We commonly receive testimonies from folk who have come to faith in Christ but then had a wilderness experience before finding their way to a confident faith. A major reason for this wandering is the doubts generated by the pervasive evolution/long-ages mindset that crowds in upon the new Christian’s confidence in the Bible as the Word of God. Malcolm T. shared:

I became a believer in 1989 but in all of this time [20 years], I have been plagued by doubts caused because I couldn’t prove creation or doubt evolution. This had caused me so much trouble in my daily Christian walk and a lack of assurance. Recently, I came upon creation.com and began reading the articles every day and, praise be to God! I saw that creation is the truth and evolution is a lie and all my doubts and fears have disappeared …

Simply sharing a Creation magazine has led many to a restored Christian walk. Indeed, not just restored, but, like Malcolm, a much more confident and active faith.

This issue has lots of faith-building articles. Articles on divine design testify to the astounding ingenuity of our Creator. These include the amazing ability of dogs to detect faint smells (p. 40) and the intricate nests of the masked weaver (back page).

Job’s faith was tested in a different way, but he endured to have a mountain-top experience of the presence of God and see his fortunes restored (p. 36).

Articles on two birds, a robin (p. 16) and a roadrunner (p. 28), show how mutations and natural selection, and even ‘speciation’, are not ‘evolution’. What we see fits with God creating various kinds of creatures with the ability to adapt to different situations, within the limits He set for each created kind.

It’s not just biological evolution (no need for a divine Creator of life) that undermines the Bible. Long ages is an even bigger problem because it undermines the Bible’s salvation history, with death and bloodshed before sin. Thus, we have articles on dinosaurs in the Bible (p. 12), how the fossils formed quickly during Noah’s Flood (in Creation for Kids, p. 32), and an interview with Dr Felix Wong who does geological tours in Hong Kong that connect what people can see with the Bible’s real history, particularly the Genesis Flood (p. 46). Plus, an article on how amber fossils provide evidence for having been formed in massive flood conditions—Noah’s Flood, anyone? (p. 52).

An article also shows the circular nature of the long-age dating of rocks and fossils (p. 50).

Archaeology regularly provides evidence for the Bible’s historical accuracy; in this case inscriptions in King Hezekiah’s tunnel that have been in plain sight but not noticed (p. 24). Also, there is Roman concrete … amazingly good stuff—man has been clever ever since Adam and Eve! (p. 43).

And we begin a series on logical fallacies (p. 49). Learn how to spot them; it will help in responding to objections that you know don’t make sense but you might not be able to put your finger on just what is wrong.

We also have a major article on Artificial Intelligence (AI). Is it to be feared? Is it useful? How should we approach AI? See p. 18.

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Posted on homepage: 22 May 2023

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