Feedback 2002

# Article Title
1 Glenn Morton: Who's misrepresenting history?
2 CMI presents geological 'misinformation'?
3 Creationists can't agree any more than cosmologists?
4 Some thermodynamics criticisms—and answers
5 CMI misrepresents ancient Chinese language?
6 CMI still misrepresents ancient Chinese language?
7 Dinosaur growth rates: Problem or solution for creationists?
8 "Do you actually expect me to believe that Adam and Eve populated the whole world?"
9 Three questions
10 Were there only two optimal versions of any given gene in the human genome?
11 Is evolution really necessary for medical advances?
12 Newton was a creationist only because there was no alternative?
13 Message from a physicist
14 Tas Walker not familiar with material science?
15 Being attacked with questions about evolution
16 'Hmmm, and I thought you were smart.'
17 Creation magazine impact in South Africa
18 'Exposing the presuppositions of Charles Darwin'
19 Changing Careers for God
20 Appreciated Dr Wieland's response to Drs Gravendeel
21 Starlight and Time in your classroom!
22 "Rejoicing in Heaven"
23 Homeschool resources!
24 Man isn't infallible?
25 'An invaluable source of information'
26 "WoW! What a great ministry!"
27 Press on!
28 Biblical resources provide assurance and grow faith.
29 A resource for the students of your Church
30 "I visit your site daily"
31 14-year old Creation evangelist!
32 "Encouraging to hear about God's creation"
33 Making the logical connection!
34 World's most dangerous book?
35 "I have done my homework"
36 Editorial censorship?
37 Thanks for the ‘solid stuff with backbone’
38 Agnostic sees positive side of CMI website
39 "I can truly see the presence of the Lord in everything..."
40 "I cannot put into words how much all this has helped me"
41 "Excellent summary of so many strawman arguments used by anti-creationists"
42 How innocent are 'bathtub arks'?
43 CMI misunderstands evolution?
44 How is cultural information lost?
45 The fallacy of arguing from authority
46 "Radio-dating in rubble" article 'ignores' data?
47 Cain's wife explanation 'gross and disgusting'?
48 A vestigial tissue (finally)? What about male breast tissue?
49 Fighting evolution is a major distraction?
50 Who is Jesus? God the Son?
51 Yet another comparison to Nazism and the Taliban*
52 Vaccines cultured on aborted fetal tissue?
53 Some thermodynamics criticisms—and answers (#2)
54 A Huge Embarrassment?
55 John Lennon II, again?
56 Answering angry anti-Christianity
57 Should Genesis Be Taken Literally? (countering critic)
58 Dawkins' Weasel
59 A very tired Christian
60 John Lennon II?
61 Do Evolutionists really claim their theory isn't perfect?
62 Offended by previous feedback response on abortion
63 No right or wrong?
64 Can millions of years of death, disease and suffering be 'very good'?
65 For the intellectually schizophrenic
66 Keep those CMI materials handy!
67 A 'thank you' for Scientific American response
68 Commended for aiming for accuracy (re Hovind response)
69 Don't Re-invent the Wheel: Check Us Out First
70 A change of mind
71 From a brother in Costa Rico
72 'Kudos' from England
73 'The continual evolutionary hype'
74 Student thanks God for Web ministry
75 A big ol' thank you!
76 'Answers in Exodus'
77 Questionable Tactics
78 "Evolution is bankrupt"
79 Changed Outlook of Old Testament Scriptures
cat: 197
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