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Miracles and science
15 Jul 2023
A reader questions the rationality of believing in miracles. However, the response points out that the argument commits a logical fallacy, and that sceptical attacks commit circular reasoning.
by Jonathan Sarfati
The age of the earth: The Bible is reliable.
10 Dec 2022
Nervous about taking a stand on the age of the earth? Prefer a less dogmatic approach?—Why the Bible can be trusted.
by Andrew Lamb
Jonah in a megalodon?
01 Oct 2022
Was it a whale that swallowed Jonah? If not, then what? Schoolboy counters common skeptic objection.
by Andrew Lamb
Were penguins specifically designed for freezing cold environments?
06 Aug 2022
This week we feature a friendly query about penguin design.
by Andrew Lamb
Immeasurable Age
30 Jul 2022

How old is the earth and how can we tell?

by Andrew Lamb
An atypical atheist, plus Just how long was that so-called ‘gap’?
30 Dec 2006
Why would an atheist say he likes the CMI website?
Why don’t they carbon-test dino fossils? plus A powerful plug for a powerful Christmas gift
16 Dec 2006
T. rex bones with dino blood cells in vessels—C-14 dating and new discoveries. Another reader explains why our Da Vinci Code DVD is valuable.
Alien & skeptics
25 Nov 2006
Gary Bates responds to a reader’s questions on weird alien-related claims. Another reader has insightful comments on our debate with the Skeptics.
Dr Damadian’s vital contribution to MRI:
21 Oct 2006
Dr Damadian’s vital contribution to MRI:
Compromisers and Hebrew eisegesis
14 Oct 2006
An enquiry gives the opportunity to answer some objections raised against those taking Genesis as real history.
Nobel Prize for alleged big bang proof
07 Oct 2006
Despite the fanfare, the discovery for which this award was granted has been seriously discredited—including in very recent days.
by Jonathan Sarfati
C14 equilibrium in the atmosphere
30 Sep 2006
An enquirer raises a gentle challenge to an article on our website about the imbalance between radiocarbon production and decay, after an earlier question of his was answered.