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Neuropsychology and evolution
23 Sep 2006
Sometimes the important thing about an issue that seems to challenge creation is the way we look at it…
Strong reaction to Steve Irwin report
16 Sep 2006
Steve Irwin’s death from a stingray was a national tragedy. The feedback on our report allowed teaching points on a number of issues.
Offended by the term ‘Baby Killers’
26 Aug 2006
Many abortion defenders hate to see abortion defined as what it is, baby-killing. The feedback response explains that the nature of the unborn is crucial to the debate; returning people to this key point defeats most pro-abortion rationalizations.
Does ribozyme research prove Darwinian evolution?
05 Aug 2006
The origin of the first living organism is a huge problem for materialists. Agnostic DB of California agrees that creationist critiques are strong, but argues that ribozyme ‘evolution’ might solve the problem; Dr Sarfati responds.
Woolgrower comments on ‘freak’ sheep
29 Jul 2006
This woolgrower reckons the handy ‘mutation’ which leaves sheep bald in the crutch area is readily explained by existing genetic variation in sheep.
Leonardo’s last supper errors
22 Jul 2006
Feedback from Scotland: not only was Dan Brown’s interpretation of Leonardo’s The Last Supper ‘flaky’, but the brilliant artist himself erred.
Flaming koalas / Keeping up standards
15 Jul 2006
This week we feature two recent ‘friendly feedbacks’ to CMI, the first with a dash of humour, and the second an encouragement to keep emphasizing accuracy over sensationalism.
War on creation, continued
08 Jul 2006
A physiology student takes issue with our points on the role of biases and assumptions behind dating methods. However, he failed to study what he was criticising.
Racial origins and bone marrow transplants
01 Jul 2006
A reader had seen information that bone marrow donors are best accepted within the same ethnic groupings, and was puzzled as to why that would be so, given the close relatedness of all people groups, and presumably knowing what we had previously written about evolution and ‘race’.
Creation science does not meet the standards for secular publications?
24 Jun 2006
Physics teacher questions some of our astrophysical claims, but his main problem is the old canard of lack of publication in secular journals and the misunderstanding of the role of the paradigm in interpreting data.
Evolutionist debater fails to understand young-earth arguments
17 Jun 2006
A young supporter asks some questions about young-earth evidence raised by an evolutionary debater. The response points out some of the evolutionist’s misunderstandings and even outright errors, and the role of axioms in the debate.
by Jonathan Sarfati
Out of his depth on radioactive dating, but still a match for his chemistry prof.
03 Jun 2006
Supporter feels out of his depth on nuclear chemistry but is still a match for his prof.