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Feedback on Dr Sarfati’s response to “Christian chemist”

25 July 2005

Many of our readers submitted outstanding responses on Dr Jonathan Sarfati’s feedback response to “J.S.” a self-proclaimed Christian chemist. To read their feedback exchange, click here.

Great website, keep up the great work!

It is obvious that you guys recieve a lot of negative emails and insulting emails (article for 07/15/05). I just want you to know that I have read many of your articles, I very much appreciate your drive to spread the truth, I appreciate that you respond to and post negative emails on the website, I appreciate that you don’t compromise with evolution or let denominations lead you astray!

Thanks for the great website! I recommend it to all my friends and try my best to explain some key concepts to my friends.

Lastly, being a Christian is much much easier having looked over the articles on the website. It just makes so much more sense than evolution.

Thanks a million! I will pray that God will open that hearts of people and use your ministry to bring them to Jesus.

God Bless

Outstanding as always Dr Sarfati! Your response to “Feedback for the week of July 11, 2005 Christian chemists assumptions lead to accusations” was spot on as always. Please be encouraged, I feel the oppression of the enemy against us, all around us, again proving Christ right for, ”we are hard pressed but not crushed”.

I Love you guys.


I was so very impressed with Dr Sarfati’s wonderfully patient, scientifically accurate and Biblically based reply to the email from a Christian chemist entitled “Christian chemists assumptions lead to accusations.” Dr Sarfati again made me glad I am a contributor to [this ministry]! May God bless you all.


Published: 3 February 2006