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From Creation to Salvation

An original new book destined to become a major resource for defending biblical creation


Published: 15 June 2017 (GMT+10)

“I’m just a New Testament Christian”


Many evangelicals claim to be “New Testament Christians”, meaning that they place an emphasis on the New Testament rather than the Old Testament, and often they will make statements like “We just need to focus on Jesus” and not be distracted by issues such as creation vs evolution or the age of the earth. In reality, this is used as an excuse not to take a stand on the historicity of the creation, fall, and Flood accounts in Genesis, among other issues. But, by arguing that we should focus on the teachings of Jesus and the New Testament authors, they display a fatal flaw in their reasoning.

Jesus and the New Testament authors, over and over, based their doctrine and theological argumentation on the historical claims of Genesis. Let me emphasize this. They believed these were real events that they believed really happened in the past—not just some theological story that was passed down for generations.

For instance, when Jesus defends the integrity of marriage in Mark 10:6–7, He quotes Genesis 1:26 and 2:24 as a sufficient basis for His teaching. When Paul was explaining how the truth of Christ’s resurrection necessarily means that Christians will also be resurrected, the only parallel he bothers to draw is the historical link of all people to Adam, and this is seen as sufficient (1 Corinthians 15). So, a true ‘New Testament Christian’ should have the same view of creation and the Old Testament as Jesus and the authors of the New Testament! This undermines the arguments of those compromising churches and pastors who support same-sex marriage for example. Because not only does the OT condemn the practice but so do the ‘more reasonable’ NT authors when they draw their reasoning from the OT.

A solid treatise

A new resource by CMI staffer Lita Cosner (M.A., New Testament), From Creation to Salvation, lays out the New Testament teaching on biblical creation in a systematic, comprehensive study. In the foreword, Dr Kenneth Gentry, Th.D., comments on the importance of this unique resource:

“In this insightful, practical, and compelling book, Lita Cosner demonstrates why it is impossible for the truly Bible-believing Christian to deny recent, six-day creation. She does so by showing how Scripture presents us with a holistic, inter-connected worldview. This book will be an invaluable resource for distributing to Christian who do not understand the significance of the creation-evolution debate or who even allow that evolution is true simultaneously with Scripture.”

Lita has previously cataloged the New Testament’s references to Genesis (see The use of Genesis in the New Testament). For example:

  • There are 100 references to Genesis in the NT.
  • 60 references specifically citing Genesis 1–11.
  • The NT references every Genesis 1–11 chapters.
  • Every NT author references Genesis 1–11.
  • And the Lord Jesus Christ references Genesis 1–11 on 16 occasions.

Time to stop the diversion tactics over Scriptural authority

We can no longer allow people to muddy the waters in an attempt to separate the OT from the NT. This book uses research from mainstream evangelical commentaries, making it a suitable basis for scholarly study, but it is written in an accessible and understandable style. Each chapter closes with questions for discussion and reflection, for devotional or study group use.

Lita is one of CMI’s most prolific and popular writers due to her insightful, yet, conciliatory tone. She worked for many years as our Chief Information Officer—honing her responses to the thousands of inquirers who contact our ministry looking for answers. You can view/read the large writing contribution she has made to the creationist cause already by viewing a list of her articles underneath her creation.com bio.

It is our hope that this unique new book will encourage Christians to take a strong stance for biblical creation—just like the (actual) New Testament Christians—the authors themselves!

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From Creation to Salvation
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Readers’ comments

Paul F.
Even though the New Testament - the Gospels and Epistles are vital to our salvation the Hebrew scriptures or Old Testament build up the foundation for the New. The Whole Word of God actually needs to be totally accepted and rightly divided and used for us to live proper and biblically for our salvation.
Roger R.
Is 8:20 "To the Law and to the Testimony! If they do not speak according to this Word, it is because there is no dawn to them!" (LITV)
All scripture is to be tested against the books of Moses (the Law) then the Testimonies (the prophets)
So the NT's reliability is to be tested against it's conformity with the OT, ie the two cannot be divorced from each other.
William R T.
The trouble with Christians, Creationists, Evolutionists, Aetheists, et al, is that they all ignore ancient texts that were contemporary with the Old Testament, particularly, the Pentateuch, the first five books of the Old Testament. In many cases, those texts contradict, or are more complete, than the Old Testament accounts, such as the Creation, and the Flood. Yet, those accounts are dismissed as myths, mostly, because they contradict the Bible, which is considered "God's Word". But, all ancient texts were written by scribes, who claimed they were dictated to them by the "gods". Weren't they the "gods" that Jehovah commanded would not be "before" Him? Yes, the God of the Bible eventually became accepted as the One and Only God by Hebrews and Christians, who came to dominate Western culture, but, don't the winners always get to write history? But, is the Bible the only legitimate history of ancient times?
Lita Cosner
I’m not sure how you think we ignore texts that are contemporary with the Pentateuch, as we have address the Epic of Gilgamesh, the Sumerian Kings list, and other ANE texts. So a simple search of our site actually shows the opposite of what you assert. Actually, none of these texts are claimed to be dictated by the gods—you must be thinking of the oracles, not the scribes.
I don’t know anyone who would claim the Bible is the only source of ancient history—but it is the only source of infallible, inspired revelation. And Scripture’s claims are authenticated by Christ, who rose from the dead.
It’s not the case that ‘the winners write history’—rather, God has revealed His Word. He is the true God, in contrast to the many false gods both in history and today.
Ian T.
When ever I think of "New Testament Christians" I wonder if they ever consider what the Christians of the first few hundred years studied. It isn't reasonable to assume they didn't love God's word as we do and loved to study it, even though they didn't have our New Testament. New Testament Christians have been hood-winked into believing the Old Testament is not relevant. It is an untenable argument based solely in ignorance, for surely just a little thought and they'd realize how inept their position is.
Malan G.
Claiming to be a New Testament Christian, which I do, does not mean a rejection of the teachings of the OT. Jesus quoted the OT extensively, amongst others about "... the beginning of the creation"--speaking about the creation of Adam and Eve. So did others in the NT. Claiming to be a NT Christian does not take away from the Bible--it is more a stance against modern human teachings, of which we have far too many in Christianity today.
David B.
I'm really commenting on the Evolution's Achilles Heels DVD. My granddaughter is doing first year biology at uni. Interestingly, while the teacher adamantly supports evolution, and apologised for the source information, used the DVD to explain how DNA works, including the credit to CMI. It raised a cheer or two. David.
Gary Bates
Hi David, thanks for the encouragement, but could we ask that, in future, comments at the bottom of the article be directed on the subject matter? Unrelated comments or questions should be sent via our Contact us page. Thanks for your understanding on this because if we allowed all sorts of different subjects to be introduced, we'd ahve too much on our plate in addressing it all. Please be assured though, we are always pleased to hear feedback, so thanks very much.
Jules D.
The tone of the article sounds as though Lita will not be doing what she has been doing. I hope this is not true.
Gary Bates
I'm not sure how you gleaned that from the article except that I wrote she 'worked' as Chief Information Officer. She still answers dozens of questions like most of us in CMI as we multitask (a necessity when one works in a faithfunded ministry). The role of answering questions is met by many now due to the growing demand on the ministry for information.

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