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Reader claims Jesus approves of his same-sex marriage

But are feelings and experiences the best way to determine Jesus’ view?

Published: 17 February 2018 (GMT+10)

Kari T. from Canada wrote:

Hi there,I just noticed your article “How gay marriage harms people”. I am married to another man and I know from my experience that your statement is totally wrong. Every day I thank God for my husband and his love towards me. Let me tell what happened on our wedding day 2.5 years ago (we have known each other for almost 12 years).


I woke up during the night before our wedding day and felt Jesus’ presence in a special way. I did not feel at all that he had come to judge me. Rather, I felt he smiled and then I fell asleep again. In the morning, the words of the song, “This is the day that the Lord had made,” came into my mind. I text messaged them to my present husband. After a while, he responded that after he had woken up and before he had read my message, the same song was in his mind.

When I went to church, I told this to Rachel, a heterosexual friend of us whom w had asked to speak at our wedding. She told me that she refers to the same song in her written speech.

 of CMI–US replies:

Hi Kari,

Thanks for giving me an opportunity to respond.

Respectfully, though, do you realize that you didn’t really address any of the points in my article about how same-sex marriage is harmful to society? You say that my “statement is totally wrong” but, notice, I did not say that two men in a same sex ‘marriage’ cannot have happy experiences or subjectively feel like they have God’s approval.

Rather, I argued that the logic of same-sex marriage undermines the norms of marriage like monogamy, permanence, and exclusivity. What principled objections can you make against polygamy or open marriages once you have adopted same-sex marriage?

If children are a part of the picture, same-sex marriage would also give them additional difficulties to overcome. Have you considered that if you adopt children or bring them into the world through a surrogate, you will be depriving them of being raised by a mother? Is this really ‘just as ideal’ as being raised by their biological mom, all other things being equal?

And what about the ways that free speech and freedom of religion are under severe attack where same-sex marriage has been declared legal? In the US, we are awaiting the outcome of Supreme Court case, Masterpiece Cakeshop v. Colorado Civil Rights Commission, where there is a serious possibility the court will decide that Christian business owners should be forced to participate in speech they disagree with. And there are many similar cases working their way through the system. Another bakery, run by Aaron and Melissa Klein, was forced to pay a $135,000 fine which put them out of business, and they recently lost on appeal. There are similar challenges in Canada. Do you support such coercive attacks on our freedoms by the government? Because, sadly, that is where the logic of same-sex marriage naturally leads.

Instead of offering a rebuttal to any of my arguments, though, you’ve only talked about your feelings and experiences. But feelings and experiences are not the best way to determine the truth about same-sex marriage, especially when it comes to what Jesus thinks on the subject. Better to read His actual words in the Bible, which Jesus said “is truth” (John 17:17) and “cannot be broken” (John 10:35). And, as my article discusses, Jesus affirmed the marital norms implicit in Genesis—it is to be an exclusive union of one man and one woman for a lifetime, because that is consistent with the way God designed us as human beings.

If you profess to be a Christian, I sincerely hope that you will reconsider your views, because they do not fit with what the Bible actually teaches. And, this is a serious thing, because the Bible says that if we are practicing what God says is evil, then we do not know Him (1 John 1:6), and will one day face His righteous judgment without Jesus to intercede for us. My desire is that this would not happen to you, but that you would turn to Christ, repent of your sins, and be cleansed by his blood. He died so that we might be reconciled to God. I hope that you will accept His offer of grace and acknowledge Him as Lord of your life.

“If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness” (1 John 1:9).

Best wishes,
Keaton Halley

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Readers’ comments

Marilyn P.
What would you say to "professing" Christians that say people are born homosexual ? I have two such people in my family who my mother claims were born that way.
Keaton Halley
There's no good evidence that homosexuals are 'born that way'. Now that it's no longer politically necessary, even the sexual revolutionaries have backed off on that claim. Less than a month after the Obergefell decision, New Scientist published an article called "Sexuality is fluid—it's time to get past 'born this way'". Also, in June 2017, USA Today published a piece entitled "'Born this way'? It's way more complicated than that." You can find other, similar MSM articles by just searching.

See also: We're all 'born that way' and the booklet, Gay Marriage: right or wong? And who decides?
Steve D.
Yes, homosexuality is a sin like any sin and as Christians we are called to repent of our sin and turn 180 degrees away from it, not promote the sin.
The process of sanctification through the Holy Spirit in us helps us to grow further away from our sin and become more like Christ. Yes, we are forgiven of our sins past ,present and future but we are called not to remain in our sin but to pursue obedience and Christ likeness. Yes, it is assame that many churches and Christians leave out the love of Christ when they speak God’s truth to others. He loved the women at the well and shared living water with her but also told her to go and sin no more.
Stephen N.
Jesus states God's design of marriage in Matthew 19:4-6. One man/one woman, referring back to Genesis 2:18-25. God's definition excludes ANY other idea of marriage, regardless of what I think or feel. God created the Universe and all moral laws. He tells us what is right-according to His design-and wrong. Plus, there are many references against homosexuality specifically in both the Old and New Testament, keeping in mind that Jesus is the author of BOTH. NO WHERE in the Bible is there any Scripture supporting homosexuality. ALL references in God's Word to homosexuality are negative! Also, Revelation clearly states that quite a number of people who practice unrepentant sin-including sexual immorality-will not be allowed through the gates of the Holy City, New Jerusalem: "7 The one who conquers will have this heritage, and I will be his God and he will be my son. 8 But as for the cowardly, the faithless, the detestable, as for murderers, the sexually immoral, sorcerers, idolaters, and all liars, their portion will be in the lake that burns with fire and sulfur, which is the second death.” (Rev 21:7-9, ESV). Also, in Revelation 22:14-15, "14 Blessed are those who wash their robes, so that they may have the right to the tree of life and that they may enter the city by the gates. 15 Outside are the dogs and sorcerers and the sexually immoral and murderers and idolaters, and everyone who loves and practices falsehood." (ESV) Repentance and acknowledging the Lordship of Jesus Christ is the only way to God. We must name sin for what it is: Sin. We are accountable to God for perversion and evil: "23 He will bring back on them their iniquity and wipe them out for their wickedness; the Lord our God will wipe them out." (Psalm 94:23, ESV). Through Jesus we can live Holy for Him!
Lorne L.
I agree with the response to this article. Human emotions do not establish moral standards. God is the original source of morality. The Word of God is plain. Leviticus 18:29, 20:13 and Romans 1:24-32 show God's standard. The sodomites in Genesis 19 were met with the judgement of God. We need to stand on the Word of God.
Hugh B.
The issue for those who say they are without sin is that they deceive themselves. We are all sinners but by God's grace we are forgiven when we repent. The problem remains for those who say homosexuality is not sin. Presumably therefore they will not repent of it and therefore cannot be saved unless they find another god who will accommodate them, but then they won't have been formed in the womb by that god so I can't see our God arranging a transfer for them. Seems to me like the old saying is true, "Repent or perish." You have to call it sin if you want salvation.
David H.
As a counsellor I was asked, when I applied to a Christian agency, would I be willing to counsel homosexual clients? Of course I would! They have similar problems to others. grief at the loss of a parent, sibling, or partner and so on.

So do I think homosexuals are sinners, and can God speak to homosexuals? Yes indeed, homosexuals are sinners - we are all sinners. No sin is greater or less in God's eyes than any other, and Jesus died for all our sins. Indeed God can speak to sinners regardless of their sin, otherwise God would speak to no-one, since there are none without sin.

So should we not worry about whether we sin or not then? My answer is that the question misses the point. I most certainly don't say we should deliberately sin, however at the same time if we focus on not sinning we are looking in the wrong direction. We've lost that battle so acknowledge it, and avail yourself of the atonement through Jesus - then start focussing on how you can glorify God and uplift Jesus. This is the real focus. 180° different to trying not to sin.

When I went on missionary training with OM I learned that as with the Hebrew midwives, Rachel, Michal protecting her husband David and other events in the Bible sometimes, though rarely, glorifying God does mean participating in deceit. I know not everyone agrees with this, but be aware that Rachel was considered worthy enough to be in the line of the Messiah.

To summarise, yes, homosexuality is a sin, but that doesn't mean God won't speak with a homosexual. It's not about not sinning - we've lost that battle already. It's about, as far as possible ensuring that what we do glorifies God. Question: does what we do glorify God in light of Scripture? The answer to this is the one to guide our actions.

the Gentle Knight
Anil G.
I like to bear in mind that homosexual sin is not especially different from other forms of sin such as adultery or other extra marital promiscuity. I worry that homosexuals may feel unfairly targeted and greater understanding and a longer conversation can result when it's explicit that non-homosexuals may often be equally participant in sexual sin.
Geoffrey B.
God "joined" Adam and Eve (if amazingly you believe the metaphorical story to be literal) for the purposes of procreation. The world at that time had just 2 people and needed populating. Today there are nearly 7.5 billion people and the world needs depopulating.So the original purpose of the "joining" has disappeared. Marriage is indeed "implied" (as this author says) when God joined Adam and Eve but the word "marriage" is NOT used in the Eden story. Marriage in fact is a man-made institution which even non-believing nations adopted over time as being the best way to raise children. As stated, that original reason for the role of marriage now needs modification because we no longer need populating, and much of the world has in fact accepted that fact and responded to the changed circumstances. Only fundamentalists refuse to face facts!! Sad but true.
While the bible appears to condemn homosexuality in a few instances it needs to be remembered that the translators all lived in a strictly anti-homosexual world and translated accordingly, the same bible condemns the sin of pride many many times more. Something your anti-homosexual correspondents might like to think about as they grapple with their self smugness and obvious inability to understand the concept of unconditional love as shown by Christ.
Keaton Halley
Actually, many social scientists and government leaders are concerned about declining birth rates in their countries, to the point that, in some cases, the government provides incentives for couples to have more children! Society cannot be sustained without couples continuing to have babies. So why think 7.5 billion people is too many, apart from discredited doomsday predictions like Ehrlich's book, The Population Bomb? See Human dominion and reproduction.

Genesis 2:24 is clearly addressing marriage as you grudgingly acknowledge, so it's irrelevant that the word is not present. And why believe the account is a metaphor when it's written in historical narrative, and the biblical authors themselves took Genesis as history?

Pride is indeed a sin, but I wonder how you ground this moral standard since you clearly do not believe in Scripture's divine origin or the true God revealed therein. See Can we be good without God?

It's also false that the Bible was translated in a way that distorted its meaning. Remember that homosexuality was accepted in some cultures in which the Bible was written. But we can examine the text in the original languages today and see that the translations have not changed its teaching on marriage and sexuality. The Bible says that sexual acts are reserved for man-woman marriage, and anything outside of this is sinful. See What does the Bible really say about homosexuality?
Valerie C.
Marriage and the 7th day Sabbath (not Sunday) were both instituted by God in the garden of Eden before sin entered this world. To change God's order of marriage is to fight against God Himself. What answer are Gays and those who voted for same sex marriages to give when they have to stand before the judgement seat of Heaven? Repent before it is too late is my plea.
Michele P.
As Saul/Paul says in 1 Cor 4:4 "My conscience is clear, but that does not make me innocent. It is the Lord who judges me."
We must always bear in mind that we could be wrong. Many have done and said terrible things believing that it was God's will (like burning other believers at the stake, or participating in committing genocide) but He will have the last word at the Judgment, and all will be understood correctly.
I'd like to say that Christians should love all people, and their gender or sexual practice or inclination is not connected to their value as people.
Heterosexual people engage in many forbidden sexual things too, like flirting, dressing provocatively, objectifying people, fornication, viewing pornography, etc, and it is not for any of us to condemn another.
Our all-wise Creator has made it clear in His infallible Word that permitted sexual practice is limited to a relatively small number of people, being one man and one woman united in marriage.
Many desiring this will not have the chance, and He has promised to help us with our sorrows and any wrong desires we have as well. He seems to expect that we can live purposeful, worthwhile lives without any sex. Yeshua/Jesus walked this road Himself.
We are all a bit crooked and are to be humble and kind to others.
Loving someone does not equal accepting every behaviour and belief, just as forgiving someone does not equal trusting them.
Jerry K.
Whenever one goes against the natural moral order established by God, one sins and offends God. The sin of same-sex marriage does just this. Accordingly, anyone who professes to love God must be opposed to it. Institute of Marriage Research & Studies [URL deleted].
Grahame G.
I want to thank you for your extremely gracious response, Keaton. A fantastic example of the love of Christ is presenting truth to the humble, as seems the case here.
Jared K.
First off the bible is clear homosexuality is a sin. Thankfully it is a sin I do not struggle with but I have my own struggles.

You had mentioned about how the best situation for a child is to be with their mother and father. For the majority of the children I would agree. That said we have thousands of children who have neither a mother or a father. Those children would undoubtedly be better off with loving homosexual parents than being stuck in the system.
Keaton Halley
Actually, I was more careful in my wording, using expressions like "all other things being equal". I never denied that being raised by a same-sex couple could be better than some tragic alternatives. But that's not the question because it's comparing apples and oranges. The real question is whether same-sex parenting is just as good opposite-sex parenting.

To help you see the distinction, consider the following analogy. Let's say that someone argued that single motherhood was no worse for children than being raised by two parents. Would it help them make their case if they pointed out that children in orphanages tend not to succeed as well as those raised by a single mom? No, this is irrelevant. I can agree that one parent is better than no parents, but it does not follow from this that one parent is as good as two parents.
Lesia K.
Kari, the author of the original message, could've easily taken the thoughts of their heterosexual friend who intended to use the words of the song in her speech for the thoughts of Jesus... It seems that at times we can feel the thoughts of people who are close to us. Once I felt warmth when a priest was praying for me (at a distance). I knew he was praying since I'd just left him after discussing some problems... Also, sometimes I start thinking the thoughts some of my friends and my father are thinking (I'm sure there are many people who can relate to this experience and understand how it is... In our churches, by the way, priests are constantly repeating the same words - "Be attentive", what Jesus told his desciples... Hence here it could simply be the case that their friend was thinking something good of them at that time and they felt it, and felt the song.
Brian I.
Most homosexuals are raised in a family with a mother and a father, or at least they would have access to their mother and father. I wonder how many homosexuals would be happy in substituting their mother or father and having two homosexual parents?
Keaton Halley
Even if they would have been happy, personally, to have been raised by a same-sex couple, the issue is that this is objectively not as good for children as being raised by an opposite-sex couple (all else being equal).
GrahamLord L.
The Almighty God is unchangeable and infinitely Holy.He cannot contradict Himself and His word is eternal and unchangeable . Homosexuality is sin , and to claim to be a 'christian ' in the true meaning of the title , and a practicing homosexual is a contradiction . If the Spirit shall make you free, you shall be free indeed , to continuing indulging ,and enjoying the sin that God condemnes is to prove the absence of a work of salvation in the individuals life .
Satan ,not only roams as a roaring lion , but also as an angel of light. it would appear that for the questioner named above , he has fallen into the devil's pit of deception and for his own lust , has turned his back on the only one who can redeem him
Rae L.
Antony B "I cannot find any references to homosexuality in the Gospels. Did Jesus make any comments on this?" Yes Jesus commented on this! The question illustrates the disconnect today's christians have from God’s Word. The only Gospel “good news” existing in the 1st century, was the “old” testament, that’s all Jesus taught from John 7:16. He didn’t need to specifically mention homosexuality in a Hebrew culture already steeped in God's Covenant instructions. Jesus is God, the Word made flesh – He’d already made His position very clear on this issue in His instructions given from Genesis to Deuteronomy.
Donald M.
Matthew 19:4 Jesus said "From the beginning God made the male and female." Those who favor same-sex coupling show nearly no understanding of how males and females differ AND complement in so many ways. Jesus' apostle John noted that (John 21:25) Jesus said a tremendous amount of unrecorded things. Since the Bible does not say everything about everything, and same-sex couples are sterile by nature, every same-sex union is the end of the line, physically unproductive. Since by nature every child has a Mom and a Dad, the members of a same-sex couple show their lack of real love for their adopted child(ren) by their intentional deprivation of the parental variety God ordained by creating "at the beginning."
It seems to me that homosexuals must have discovered a new translation of the Bible; one in which the word "repent" does not appear. I do not wish a single gay person to end up in Hell, but the Bible is quite clear that without repentance there can be no salvation. To willfully persist in a sinful lifestyle is to refuse the forgiveness and healing that Jesus wants to give to us all. To any homosexuals reading this I say "Please humble yourself before God and beg for his forgiveness and healing touch before it is too late".
John W.
No doubt the "Jesus" of this man`s imagination does approve of this perversion.
John M.
It's dangerous for him to assume that it was Jesus's presence he felt. Satan can just as easily make a person feel good or whisper twisted versions of God's word to them to make them feel like what they are doing is right. Genesis 3:1

People around the world do all sorts of things that make them feel good that are morally reprehensible according to the Bible. Saying something is right because it makes you feel good is an atheistic view of morality. Doing what is right because it is what God commands is what being a Christian is about. Giving up ourselves, our lives, wants, and desires for him because we can find everything we need in him is what a true Christian does. Luke 18:22

That's the test for every person. Whether they participate in homosexuality, drugs, or any other sinful issue. Do you love God enough to sacrifice that perceived need, or does it mean more to you than Him? Matthew 6:24
Hugh O.
I agree with what Jesus actually says about subjects rather than how we feel he believes or thinks. If we decide what Jesus approves of something that contradicts the Bible how do we know the TRUTH of anything. In John 14:6 Jesus says "I am the Truth..." not what you feel Jesus believes. Many are being deceived that we can oppose Jesus and His Word for what we want, rather than what He has already stated is Truth. Matt. 7:21-29 Jesus gave us the Bible so we don't have to rely on imperfect feelings but the Word of God. Feelings are what got Adam and Eve in trouble in the Garden of Eden rather than trusting God's command. Show one place in the Bible where Jesus actually states any marriage other than as God established in Genesis 2: 22-24 and Jesus affirmed in Matt 19:3-6. Anyone that deviates from this is guilty of Matt. 19:3, tempting God. No place in the Bible is marriage two husbands or two wives honoring God.
Dennis M.
I would strongly suspect that Karl and his friends were manipulated by the devil. Making them believe that Jesus approves. The devil often portrays himself as an angel of light.

Luke 21:8 And he said, “See that you are not led astray. For many will come in my name, saying, ‘I am he!’ and, ‘The time is at hand!’ Do not go after them. esv
Timothy B.
Dear Keaton,
Your article is right on, because you stand on the word of God. The Bible says in Jeremiah 17:9 "The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked: who can know it?" The word also explains that God looks at the heart, while man looks at the outward appearance in 1 Sam 16:7. Many in our society try to use their feelings to justify sin, while God says that it will all be judged in the end by Him according to His word. Thank you for a soft and correct answer and for explaining the need for repentance. Also, please encourage all your readers to draw close to God, because we live in the last days, when men will be lovers of themselves, they will be disobedient, and serving the lusts of the flesh instead of obeying the words of Jesus Christ. Please keep up the good work of proclaiming the truth from God's word about His beautiful creation, His love for all mankind, and His desire for all men to be saved. Thank you.
Gian Carlo B.
This whole “I felt X” or “I experienced a very Godly presence” as an argument to condone clearly wrong actions in the Bible have gotten so lame I find it hard to take them seriously. What’s unfortunate is, some Christians, and I personally have talked to one; say that we shouldn’t be so rigid on our beliefs and it’s okay to compromise because, given our “epistemic limitations” of the Bible’s truth claims; gay people can justify their same sex marriage and attractions solely based on the first two commandments. But this is absurd and incoherent because the first two commandments are axiomatic premises that is the foundation of social ethics; the rest are also logical follow ups from them (e.g: Do not steal, Do not murder; Do not covet; etc.). They still don’t understand that the very First commandment implies that if God, by His nature and way He created us prohibits to marry after sex or have homosexual relationships; obeying and trusting Him necessitates we not just ‘respect’ Him or honor Him, but we love him (in the agape sense).
Rae L.
Saw on Q&A, ABC Australia, a gay man say Jesus said to "love one another", and therefore his love for his male partner was as valid as any heterosexual couple's "love". It's all about "love". No "christians" present appealed to the Scripture to refute what this gay man said. We are seeing not just a "growing trend", but an avalanche of ignorance among "believers". Does the "church" of today even recognise that the "Jesus" of the New Testament is the "Word of God" of the Old Testament? Huge disconnect! From Gen.1:1 of Scripture, Jesus, Yeshua, is THE Word, THE Aleph Tav, THE First and Last of the whole Scripture. John 1:1, the Word, who Is God, and was "with" God, is the same Word who spoke the teachings and instructions of the Torah (law of Moses) back at Sinai. There seems to be a huge disconnect in modern christendom, where "believers" don't realise that the "Jesus" they see in the New Testament, IS THE God/YHVH of the Old Testament, THE Word Made flesh, THE living walking Torah. (Deut.18:18;Acts 3:22;7:37) Matthew 5:17, John 7:16 and onwards are clear, Jesus did not come with a new religion based on "love" according to how the world currently interprets "love". He came as THE Prophet, who we must hear and obey (Matt.3:2). He declared the established Word of God. If He didn't, no-one would have listened to Him. But who is listening to THE Prophet today? All we see is the "church" teaching from the letters of Paul. What did Jesus teach? Moses =t he Torah, "if you love Me, keep my commandments" (Ex.16:28;20:6;Lev.22:31;Deut.5:10,29;Prov.3:1;John14:15,21;15:10; 1,2,3 John). People, go home, read your Bible. Start at Genesis, not John. The "new" testament makes no sense until you are fully steeped in the "old". In Jesus' day, the only Scripture was the OT (Acts 17:11)
Keaton Halley
Love should be defined biblically, like in 1 Cor. 13:6 which says that love "does not rejoice at wrongdoing, but rejoices with the truth."
Dan M.
So to be reconciled to Christ I had to give up fornication, drunkenness and idolatry and gays have to give up nothing? Why are gays so special and why do such a small percentage of people have so much power to lord over the rest of us?
I have close male freinds whom I love that I would lay my life down for but I don't need to have sex with them to show my love for them. That type of affection is reserved for my wife, (woman) should I ever get married. Even hederosexual marriage is not all about sex.
We are a sex addicted, a sex mad society and I'm betting God hates what we have done with His gift! IF, you truly love God, you will change your lifestyle to please him and He clearly made us male and female to procreate and fill the earth. He conceived of the family unit and when it was practised wrong in the bible the consequences were generally bad. Also I get my information from the scriptures and do not trust my own feelings. I let the teachings of Christ guide my feelings.
Sex is not love, it is something we do! In Godly marriage love comes before making love.
Roy L.
So many times I hear people quote Psalm 118 verse 24 without knowing the context of the verse. The day that is referred to here is the day of judgement of the His enemies and sin. These are our enemies as well when we live in Christ's way. Homosexuality is clearly sin in God's view. All that practice evil will be judged in the day the Lord Hath made. The righteous will rejoice in it. That is what the verse says. That means those that have surrendered all off their sin to Christ and buried it with Him. That means sexual sin, too. This fellow truly must leave that life and seek forgiveness and right living in God's way.
Gary B.
It bothers me that the statement "This is the day that the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad in it" (Psa. 118:24) in context has to do with "the stone which the builder's rejected has become the chief cornerstone" (Psa. 118:22-23). That is the day that the Lord has made! He planned it from eternity past and people just pull the words out of context and use them for whatever they want the statement to mean. Any text out of context is a pretext. If we are going to use God's Word we should use it the way God intended for it to be understood. (Jer. 23:28)
J. K.
Kari, biblical marriage is between one man and a woman. However is gay marriage the worst sin? No. Homosexuality is not what G-D intended, but neither are many manifestations of heterosexuality. Is polyamory right? Is polygamy right? Is premarital sex right? NO. As fellow siblings in Christ we must remember we are all sinners in a fallen world and we all fall short. Therefore we should not condemn eachother but be supportive. Marriage is a good thing but G-d is the best thing.

I will pray for you and your partner.
Keaton Halley
J.K., you are correct that same-sex 'marriage' is not the worst sin, and I never said it was. But if someone is defiantly refusing to surrender to what God has clearly spoken on this issue, it is wrong to call them and treat them as a fellow "sibling in Christ". See 1 Corinthians 5.
anthony B.
I cannot find any references to homosexuality in the Gospels.Did Jesus make any comments on this?
Or were there no homosexuals in Jesus' time on Earth?
Or was it so common that it was not considered important?
Keaton Halley
Hi Anthony. We've addressed this in other articles, like this one which is in the related links: What does the Bible really say about homosexuality?
Robert W.
As you say, having gay 'parents' creates a gender imbalance in the family unit. It also means that the child has to be separated from one or both of its biological parents.

This may happens when parents die or remarry. But this is something we seek to avoid, not something we want to legislate into the fabric of daily life.

These arguments obviously don't apply to homosexuals who don't have children, who might also say that they are not undermining marriage, because if they didn't act on their homosexual impulses they wouldn't marry a member of the opposite sex anyway.

However, as you say, creating a rival human version of a divinely ordained institution does undermine marriage in a way that not acting on your homosexual impulses wouldn't. Here, I had in mind the concert pianist Steven Hough, who says he is gay, but has remained celibate for 15 years because of his Christian beliefs. By doing this, Steven is honouring God's institution, not undermining it.

The other point about homosexuality generally is that it polarises society. If we were all in gay relationships, men and women wouldn't interact with one another at that deeper level, which affords them a chance to develop a much better understanding of one another. Men and women need to become one flesh, as God designed us to complement one another.

It might be said that homosexuals are so few and far between that there's no risk of society becoming even noticeably polarised in this way. However, if homosexuality is genetic, then gay couples having children will increase that polarisation considerably.

I would only pause here to say that, as Christians, we should feel sorry in a genuine and non-patronising way for people like Steven Hough, who will not enjoy the fulfilment of a happy marriage.

Lassi P.
Personally, I've never liked it, when people who are given a chance to speak in front of the congrecation choose to, instead of sharing their discoveries on the Bible, tell a personal testimony. That is, as I said, personal preference. It might also be, in part, due to a sin of jealousy in my own part.

However, this article reveals another, more biblical reason to prefer to talk on Bible passages over personal testimonies. When people tell about wonderfull things that have happened to them, they rarely stop and think whether it was nothing more than just a wonderful thing that happened to happen to them let alone whether it was, in part, inspired by some kind of a deceptive entity as per Job 4:12-21. But let it not be claimed that Kari's experience was inspired or caused by this or that, for all we do know is, it's not caused by God's acceptance on his sin. All being said, a personal experience is like a virtual money: it can make people surprisingly confident considering its just a lot of next to nothing.
Michael T.
Is the Jesus who smiled on Kari, "this same Jesus" (Acts 1:11), or "another Jesus" (2 Cor 11:4)?
1 John 4:3 And every spirit that confesseth not that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh is not of God: and this is that spirit of antichrist, whereof ye have heard that it should come; and even now already is it in the world.
john J.
With over a million living species in the world, all reproducing male and female after their own kind, nature teaches the reality of propagation for the next generation. Canine have a variety of types of dog which do not steal young from another to raise as its own. A wolf will not steal a fox and raise it as a wolf. A feline Lion will not steal a chetah and raise it as its own...it kills it. If the first two humans were same sex, where would we be now? Scripture is not silent on the subject. Context is very clear. The fact that homosexuals have higher rates of STDs, higher rates of drug abuse, higher rates of suicide should help someone with the common sense we've been given, it is not the best choice. 1Cor 7.2 specifically indicates man and woman...if it were normal, wouldn't the apostle have mentioned man and man? The determination of what a person thinks their preference is must be found out by a number of sins GOD specifically forbids; fornication, sexual lusting, covetousness. A man and woman do not have to preoccupy themselves with sinning against the Lord to determine their sex. When Jesus spoke to anyone about their sin, He said, go and sin no more. He never condoned adultery, lasciviousness, covetous lusting or being led about by those drives. Monogamous? When they go out to the clubs, do they stick around after closing to party? Do they lust after others? Jesus did not condone any sin nor did He use Scripture to validate behavior that did not bring honor and glory to a Pure, Holy and Righteous GOD. If same sex is acceptable by GOD, then HE HIMSELF is a liar and vacillates between opinions, changing character to suit the age. How does that relationship deny oneself or buffet the flesh? Why is it that many can and have stopped that behavior?

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