Marc Ambler



Marc had a traditional Christian upbringing during which time he tried to reconcile evolution with the Biblical account of Adam and Eve. While evolution was not taught at that time in South African schools, uniformitarian geology was, and in informal discussions with his teachers, evolution was ‘the only game in town’.

After being confronted with his sin, and the Good News of salvation through Jesus Christ, Marc committed his life to Christ when he was 25 years old. He began to study theology soon after and during this time was exposed to biblical creation teaching. This settled the matter of the historical accuracy and authority of Genesis as part of the inspired Word of God. In later years, during a period of intense trials of their faith, it was an acceptance of this absolute authority of God’s Word, beginning in Genesis, which enabled him and his wife Juanita to trust in the faithful promises of God through trying times. After all, if the Scriptures could be trusted for history, God’s promises for believers today could be trusted as well.

In 1997, while continuing to run his own business, Marc became a lay minister/assistant pastor at his home church. It was during this period while on a business trip to Johannesburg, Marc obtained a copy of Carl Wieland’s Stones and Bones. Reading this booklet, Marc was convicted not only of the historical reliability of a plain reading of the book of Genesis, but how foundational this understanding is to all Christian doctrine and ultimately to the Gospel itself. He then immersed himself in creation and intelligent design resources, and began to weave biblical creation themes into his preaching and personal discipleship studies as well as use it in evangelism.

In 2002 Marc was involved in the establishment of the South African branch of Creation Ministries International, and for a number of years served as part of the Cape Town support group and also as a member of the CMI-SA board of directors. In 2006 he wrote his first article for Creation magazine and has since written a number of articles for creation.com and Journal of Creation. His particular interest is in researching the often-devastating role the Darwinian hypothesis has played in the history of his home continent of Africa.

Marc was an accredited CMI speaker between 2013–2021, defending Biblical creation throughout South Africa, and also having speaking engagements in Namibia, Botswana, Swaziland and the UK.


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