The second feedback addresses questions on a recent article about a research scientist whose work supposedly proves creation. However, Jonathan Sarfati had replied to a similar query in 1999 about the same phenomenon, and it is updated below.


Does recent science really prove that God spoke the world into existence?

Photo by Vanessa FitzgeraldGod spoke light into existence

We have received a number of queries about the article Research: God did speak world into existence: Student’s scientific documentation offers evidence of biblical account’ from World Net Daily, 11 February 2007. Interestingly, in 1999, Brenda from Canada had asked about a newspaper article on the phenomenon referred to in the WND article, and whether an experiment would be helpful to creationists. Dr Sarfati’s reply below applies equally to this article which reports on just that sort of experiment:

The particular experiment you mention is a phenomenon called sonoluminescence. It would probably be quite difficult to do without a proper laboratory. More importantly, although it might illustrate the theme of God speaking light into existence, the connection should not be pressed too hard.

First, the important thing about speech is its information content; sound waves are just the medium which carries the information. Similarly, writing is primarily the information carried; the ink molecules are just the carrier. The same information could ride on magnetic patterns in a computer hard drive, radio waves, etc.

Second, the most important thing is not that God spoke light into existence, but that God spoke it! We could say ‘let there be light’ as many times as we like, or perform the most elaborate sonoluminescence experiments, but we could never create light from nothing. Note also that when God spoke, the waters gathered in one place; He spoke again, and vegetation sprang up instantly. We couldn’t do that with any sound.

Finally, we can never stress enough that our starting point is Scripture, the written Word of One who was there and knows everything and never errs or lies. Science is the ever-changing theories of fallible humans who weren’t there.   Thus we should never try to prove the Bible with science (as opposed to using scientific arguments to show that the Bible is totally consistent with all true science), because that would mean that science becomes our final authority.

Published: 25 February 2007