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Unit One

Lesson 1
& Ch 1

Lesson 2
Chapter 2
Part 1

Lesson 3
Chapter 2
Part 2

Quiz 1

Unit Two

Lesson 4
Chapter 3

Lesson 5
Chapter 4

Lesson 6
Chapter 5

Quiz 2

Unit Three

Lesson 7
Chapter 6

Lesson 8
Chapter 7

Lesson 9
Chapter 8

Quiz 3

Unit Four

Lesson 10
Chapter 9

Lesson 11
Chapter 10

Lesson 12
Chapter 11-12

Quiz 4

The Weather Book
by Michael Oard

Unit Four Quiz

(pp. 64–79)


The Weather Book, by Michael Oard.


  1. Contrast the uniformitarian view of the past with the Biblical view of history.

  2. Describe how the Flood of Noah’s day would have initiated an Ice Age.

  3. Why should the ‘Ice Age’ be considered a one-time event?

  4. How does the ozone layer impact life on Earth?

  5. How does the ‘dominion mandate’ God gave to Adam apply to our lives today?

  6. Describe some of the observations you’ve made with your own weather station.

Answer Key

  1. Briefly: The uniformitarian view is such that things originated on their own over millions of years, and that death, disease, and suffering have always been a part of history. The Biblical view states that God created a perfect world in 6 normal-length days around 6,000 years ago; that death, disease, corruption, and suffering entered the world after Adam rebelled; that the Flood of Noah’s day formed a majority of the rock layers and fossils we find today and initiated the Ice Age.
  2. The ground would have been cooler and summers much colder. The oceans would have been warmer. Snow would have fallen in the northern latitudes year-round.
  3. The Flood, which provided the right conditions to initiate the Ice Age was an one-time event.
  4. The ozone layer protects the earth from harmful ultra-violet rays.
  5. Christians are to take care of the earth and everything on it, including the atmosphere.

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