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Unit One

Lesson 1
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Lesson 2
Chapter 2
Part 1

Lesson 3
Chapter 2
Part 2

Quiz 1

Unit Two

Lesson 4
Chapter 3

Lesson 5
Chapter 4

Lesson 6
Chapter 5

Quiz 2

Unit Three

Lesson 7
Chapter 6

Lesson 8
Chapter 7

Lesson 9
Chapter 8

Quiz 3

Unit Four

Lesson 10
Chapter 9

Lesson 11
Chapter 10

Lesson 12
Chapter 11-12

Quiz 4

The Weather Book
by Michael Oard

Unit One Quiz

(pp. 4–20)


The Weather Book, by Michael Oard.


  1. What effect does the moon have on the Earth?

  2. Why is the tilt of the Earth important to the weather?

  3. Name the seven components of weather.

  4. What are the five forms of precipitation?

  5. How does the distance from the ocean cause the weather to be affected?

  6. Why is the Antarctic ice sheet called a polar desert?

  7. Which is associated with good weather, high or low areas of pressure?

  8. What is the jet stream?

  9. What is one of the major problems that an El Niño brings to the people of Peru and Ecuador?

Answer Key

  1. The pull of the moon on the oceans is the main cause of the tides.
  2. A smaller tilt would cause the higher latitudes to be too cold. This would bring about an ice age. A greater tilt would make the climates more unstable.
  3. The seven components of weather are: wind direction, wind speed, visibility, water vapor, air pressure, cloud condition, and air quality.
  4. The five forms of precipitation are: rain, freezing rain, snow, hail, and drizzle.
  5. The closer the distance to the ocean, the wetter the climate.
  6. A large portion of the Antarctic ice sheet normally receives an inch of precipitation per year.
  7. High pressure areas are generally areas of good weather.
  8. The jet stream is a ribbon of high speed wind in the upper atmosphere.
  9. El Niño brings poor fishing, heavy rains, flooding, thunderstorms, and mud slides.

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