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Alien Intrusion celebrates 10 years

And is still hitting home runs


Published: 14 July 2015 (GMT+10)

Ten years ago CMI launched a book that was rather different from our normal creation/evolution/Genesis fare. The book was Alien Intrusion: UFOs and the evolution connection (AI), by Gary Bates, now the CEO of our US office and then second-in-charge of the Australian office.

iStockphoto space-craft

He realized that science fiction and its prominent aliens theme is a hugely popular cultural concept, and an important one in reaching many new audiences. Especially when one considers the evolution connection; starting with a big bang billions of years ago, it is believed that alien races could have evolved millions of years before humans and in that time they could have developed incredibly advanced spacecraft and visited our earth.

Increasingly, even some in mainstream scientific circles think that older and more technologically advanced aliens designed the incredibly sophisticated DNA and operating systems of the cells of all living creatures (this is comprehensively dealt with in AI). Evolution is also why ‘aliens’ appear physically different to humans in these movies—it took different paths on different planets.

Truly impacting lives

AI went on to become one of the most popular creation books ever, and the only creation-themed book ever to become an Amazon top 50 bestseller. Because of its Amazon success, it is likely that more non-believers have read his book than Christians, and it still continues, as questions about life on other planets are rife. One can read the many pages of glowing Amazon reviews from people who had their eyes opened to spiritual truth about the universe. Some extracts (many recent):

“This is an incredible book. I couldn’t put it down. Gary Bates does an incisive job of separating the chaff from the wheat on all things alien—all those nagging ‘could there really be?’ type questions that a lifetime of exposure to science fiction engenders.”

“At first I was skeptical. Who really believes in aliens? What insights could Mr. Bates possibly offer on such a clear-cut topic? How surprised I was!” 

“It’s a real page turner. Before I read this book I was a hard line sceptic when it came to UFOs and abductions… But this book has changed my mind. Sure the vast majority can still be explained away easily. But there is something going on.” 

“I found the message challenging but supported. I will not watch a SciFi show in the same way as I did prior to reading this book.” 

“His discernment is incredible and his research is impeccable. What can I say, I couldn’t put this book down.” 

“If you want to read one book on aliens and UFOs, this is your book…This is an outstanding book.” 

“Gary Bates reaches into your very soul, revealing shocking truths about the cosmos, alien life, and just how easy it is to become a casualty of a insidious cosmic war that has been raging on for centuries!” 

“ …have read very few books that have impressed me as much as this one! The author has done an excellent job in…dealing with two of the most widely debated topics of our time.” 

“Gary Bates brings remarkable clarity and discernment to a troubling topic. I believe that it is vitally important in our day and age that we understand this phenomenon for what it really is.”1 

What a journey!

One of the lives that was impacted was actually Gary’s. In addition to the extensive initial research, in subsequent years he appeared on dozens of TV and radio programs (even secular ones) and lectured extensively all over the world, becoming perhaps a leading Christian authority on this subject. It caused literally hundreds of people who have claimed UFO experiences and even abductions to seek him out. (For example, read this letter from a young man who sought out Gary’s advice). And why? Gary says he often hears them say, “It was just like you described.” And so, for many, he is the first sympathetic ear they’ve heard. And he’s been exposed to their stories and traumatic recounting of their experiences along the way (some are truly horrendous). But most importantly he’s able to help bring closure to their worldview-altering encounters.

The most recent printing of AI has an additional new chapter based on Gary’s own ‘UFO encounters’ with these people, who he was able to use as a kind of test bed for the previously unsolved puzzle of what was really happening to them during their alleged abduction encounters. He and many others have seen his proposal as the ‘final piece’ in the puzzle that has eluded researchers”.

The purpose in all this, of course, like all of CMI’s work, is ultimately to reach the lost. Even the adult son of one of our scientist-speakers became a Christian after reading AI! At the end of the day, it’s your support that allows our qualified staff to undertake such specialist research efforts as this book.

References and notes

  1. See amazon.com and type Alien Intrusion into their search function. Return to text.

Readers’ comments

Grahame G.
Congratulations Gary and CMI. AI is one of the best books that has ever been written and I realise that CMI receives some criticism for straying from their mandate, but not only do I disagree that you did, I'm glad you did.

The book needed to be written. It is the most effective creationist book ever in reaching the lost (not necessarily with creationism but with the broader biblical worldview). It directly feeds into the whole creationist (i.e. biblical) worldview and after all, your real mandate is defending and promoting biblical truth, not just creationism.

I pray God will continue to use it, and give more such godly visions to your staff to continue to expand His kingdom.

God bless you all, and again, thank you!
Jon O.
A. H. from the UK, I agree. You raise an important point.
A. H.
I wonder whether there are other related areas to which creationists can contribute which may have similar impact. With the whole area of aesthetics and art the accounts given of such matters by naturalism are systematically wrong. It is no wonder that Darwin loss his appreciation of the fine arts as he became more immersed in his theory. Stuart Burgess has made some useful contributions in this area. I have recently heard some interesting contributions by John Makejina particularly applied to Music. With the prevalence of relativism and postmodern perspectives even within the church clearly this is an area where young people are particularly vulnerable. This issue is within your core mandate.
Errol B.
It just so happens that Gary Bates will be touring my area, South East Queensland in early December. If anyone gets the chance to hear him speak, don’t miss out on the chance, so keep an eye on the Events Calendar, This book lends rare support to the saying; ‘Truth is stranger than fiction’. I would easily rate this book as one of the top 10 must reads, others include the Bible (naturally), One Human Family, The Greatest Hoax on Earth & Evolution’s Achilles’ Heels. My copy is on loan to a new friend whose past experiences resinate with certain 'events' experienced by many subjects mentioned in this book.
Jack L.
Between 1968 and the early 2000's I read just about every science fiction novel ever published. I even at one point tried to become an SF writer, but I found the writing part tedious. I am ashamed to admit even though I went to Catholic and Jesuit schools, I pretty much slept in religion class. It was a real eye opener when a few years back, I first read the Bible and realized the Bible is both stranger, has far more scope, and is much more interesting than any science fiction I had ever read. How can one not be amazed at the realization that Christ controls all of space time to do as he needs for the benefit of mankind?

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