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The Creation Couple December 31, 2008
Whether challenging secularists on creation or abortion, husband and wife Dr Stephen Grocott and Dr Dianne Grocott pack a powerful punch.

‘Go to hell, creationists!’ December 30, 2008
A rowdy demonstration at a German university shows that ‘tolerance’ does not extend to creation and the Bible.

Refutation of New Scientist’s Evolution: 24 myths and misconceptions December 29, 2008
Fifth instalment of New Scientist refutation deals with their attempt to play divide and conquer, and pokes holes in their ‘just-so’ stories about intermediate forms.

The Geological Society of Australia seeks to censor creation, intelligent design and Flood geology December 27, 2008
But mainstream geologists would benefit by trying to understand the creationist viewpoint.

Cosmic and universal death from Adam’s fall: an exegesis of Romans 8:19–23a December 26, 2008
Romans 8 testifies that the Curse is universal in extent.

Is evolution ‘scientific’? December 25, 2008
America’s National Science Education Standards specifies certain criteria as to what constitutes scientific knowledge. How does evolution rate?

The wonders of water December 24, 2008
Water has some fascinating features that suggest it has been designed ‘just right’ for life.

Sharing your faith December 23, 2008
Street preacher Russell Wallace shares his insights and experience about what to say to those who resist the Gospel today.

Where did all the water go? December 22, 2008
Ever wondered about Noah’s Flood and where all the water went to? The answer is really very simple.

Are ‘gain of function’ mutations really downhill and so not supporting of evolution? December 20, 2008
A researcher questions the generalization of the findings of research on ‘gain-of-function’ mutations in the thyroid hormone system, claiming an example of new, information-gaining mutations.

Atheists to do religious education in schools December 19, 2008
The government of Victoria, Australia, looks set to approve atheists teaching their destructive beliefs to young children.

Refutation of New Scientist’s Evolution: 24 myths and misconceptions December 18, 2008
Fourth instalment of New Scientist refutation shows that even modern developments in evolutionary theory are hopeless. Includes Haldane’s Dilemma and the bacterial flagellum.

How dating methods work December 17, 2008
Radioactive dating sounds complicated but it is really quite simple.

The gift of death? Planned Parenthood offers abortion gift cards for Christmas December 16, 2008
Planned Parenthood, a major abortion provider, loves to offer death when Christians celebrate life. PP’s racist and eugenicist roots are a well-kept secret by its supporters, including the recent president-elect.

Ancient mariners had current knowledge December 15, 2008
Centuries ago, mariners accurately mapped navigational information. This discovery has astonished oceanographers.

Transplants, xenotransplants, xenotransfusion and xenoexperimentation December 13, 2008
Are blood transfusions and organ transplants ethical? What about animal-to-human? Animal organs are routinely transplanted into humans (xenotransplantation); researchers test on animals first, then humans. Is this ethical?

Tiktaalik—sticking its head out of water? December 12, 2008
Does this new look at an old fossil tell us anything new about Tiktaalik’s head?

Identification of species within the cattle monobaramin (kind) December 11, 2008
What species fall into the biblical kind for cattle?

Are you ready to witness to the Truth? December 10, 2008
Christians are told to use every opportunity to preach the Good News to those who are perishing. But what if people raise evolution as an objection to the Bible being true?

Panderichthys—a fish with fingers? December 9, 2008
What of the latest ‘missing link’ offered up for fish-to-tetrapod evolution?

Don’t fall for the bait and switch December 8, 2008
Is evolution true? Well … yes and no. It all depends on what you mean by ‘evolution’.

Unfair to Islam? Round 2 December 6, 2008
More on the ‘peaceful Muslim majority’, Islamic history and current practices.

Atheopathy v Science: Refuting New Scientist’s agitprop about evolution December 5, 2008
Third instalment of New Scientist refutation shows why mutation and natural selection can’t explain the complexity of life. Includes information on human genome, fossil record and ‘bad’ design.

From ape to man via genetic meltdown: a theory in crisis December 4, 2008
A review of Genetic Entropy & The Mystery of the Genome by John C. Sanford

‘Cosmology is not even astrophysics’ December 3, 2008
Despite the self-confidence of big-bang cosmologies, their ideas have no support in the lab, and leave huge questions unanswered.

CMI–Worldwide. A new concept, a new era in creation ministry! December 2, 2008
The formal federation of CMI ministries we foreshadowed by email a few weeks ago is now in place.

Exploring the heavens December 1, 2008
Former New South Wales (Australia) Government Astronomer (Dr David King) affirms that the heavens do indeed declare God’s glory.

Helium evidence for a young world continues to confound critics November 29, 2008
Russ Humphreys responds to six years of criticism of one part of the creationist research initiative into Radioisotopes and the Age of the Earth (RATE).

Atheopathy vs Science: Refuting New Scientist’s agitprop about evolution November 28, 2008
Second instalment of a refutation of a lengthy New Scientist diatribe against creation: refuting its contextually ignorant and outright incompetent charges of Bible ‘contradictions’.

The age of the Jenolan Caves, Australia November 27, 2008
The long and tortuous uniformitarian history for these caves is riddled with difficulties.

Sickness in the Church! November 26, 2008
We all can see the symptoms of the sickness affecting much of the church and society today. But what’s the remedy?

Cows: a magnetic sign for evolutionists November 25, 2008
Renowned evolutionist J.B.S. Haldane famously said that evolution could never produce mechanisms such as the wheel and magnet. He was right.

Lea, the spaghetti lioness November 24, 2008
Lions are usually carnivores. But there’s one living today that grew up eating Italian pasta and vegetables—for seven years.

Unfair to Islam? November 22, 2008
What does the Qur’an really teach about Jihad? Are most Muslims peaceful, and what is the significance of this?

Dawkins’ Ironic Hypocrisy November 21, 2008
Misotheists like Dawkins attack creationist teachings, but give credence to wacky ideas like ‘Jesus never existed’ rejected by historians. Other antitheists like Bill Maher hold even wackier views, e.g. rejecting germ theory.

Chinese fossil layers and the uniformitarian re-dating of the Jehol Group November 20, 2008
How the dating evidence is forced to fit the dino-to-bird evolutionary paradigm.

Atheopathy vs Science: Refuting New Scientist’s agitprop about evolution November 19, 2008
First instalment of a refutation of a lengthy New Scientist diatribe against creation: this covering the clear Nazi links with Darwinian ideas, and refuting the deceitful ‘Hitler was a Christian’ charge.

Paying homage to the stork November 18, 2008
What would it take to get you to disbelieve Christianity? One author ‘puts it on the line’ as to why the evolutionary ‘big picture’ so violently contradicts the Gospel.

Toy car rocks million-year belief November 17, 2008
The rock on the beach looked like any other rock–until it was turned over.

Feeding carnivores on the Ark, and refuting an accusation of ‘closet scientism’ November 15, 2008
How could Noah feed the lions on the Ark? And are creationist science projects like RATE examples of the scientism we decry?

Church shock: ‘Can you marry your relative?’ November 14, 2008
No-one would dare to even think of marrying their relative … or would they?

Large scale function for ‘endogenous retroviruses’ November 13, 2008
We hope you enjoy this sneak preview from the now-released December issue of Journal of Creation. Subscribers will be delighted by the powerful, stimulating content.

G.K. Chesterton: Darwinism is ‘An attack upon thought itself’ November 12, 2008

G.K. Chesterton: Darwinism is ‘An attack upon thought itself’


Image from Wikipedia.com

G.K. Chesterton

G.K. Chesterton

G.K. (Gilbert Keith) Chesterton (1874–1936) was a prolific British writer, whose poetry, fiction, books and essays argued for a Christian1 worldview in the early 20th century, long before the term ‘worldview’ was coined. He did this not only in traditional apologetics works (though some, like Heretics and Orthodoxy, may be categorized as such), but in everything, as he saw the potential for everything to be for or against Christ (cf. Matthew 12:30). Many of his works addressing social and moral issues are still relevant today, as he was able to foresee the effects of many of the destructive influences of his day. His works were very influential on the thought of Christian apologist and author C.S. Lewis (1898–1963).

The worship of science

As early as 1920, G.K. Chesterton argued against what he saw to be the worship of science (now sometimes called ‘scientism’), which already was being invoked in education and ethics.2 He also observed nearly a century ago that Darwinist scientists were more and more turning their science into a philosophy.3 These scientists were forbidden by their own belief system from believing in miracles, regardless of where the evidence led. This led inevitably to scientists making bizarre claims as to what natural processes alone could accomplish. ‘Things that the old science at least would frankly have rejected as miracles are hourly being asserted by the new science.’4

Chesterton conceded that these materialists were completely logical and reasonable in their belief system, but that it was a very small internal consistency which denied even the possibility of miracles; their belief system explained everything by natural events, which can be logical enough (bearing in mind that there is a difference between logical consistency and truth), but because that was the central tenet of their ideology, they could not admit even one miracle. He argued that the orthodox Christian was freer than the materialist because Christians could believe in both natural and supernatural causes for events; Christianity can explain both physical laws and miracles. As Chesterton wrote:

As an explanation of the world, materialism has a sort of insane simplicity. It has just the quality of the madman’s argument; we have at once the sense of it covering everything and the sense of it leaving everything out.—Chesterton
‘The believers in miracles accept them (rightly or wrongly) because they have evidence for them. The disbelievers in miracles deny them (rightly or wrongly) because they have a doctrine against them.’5

This, he argues, makes for ‘a sort of insane simplicity’ to the materialist worldview:

‘As an explanation of the world, materialism has a sort of insane simplicity. It has just the quality of the madman’s argument; we have at once the sense of it covering everything and the sense of it leaving everything out. … He understands everything, and everything does not seem worth understanding. His cosmos may be complete in every rivet and cog-wheel, but still his cosmos is smaller than our world.’6

‘That modern intelligence which destroys itself’

Image from Wikipedia.com

G.K. Chesterton

G.K. Chesterton

Chesterton’s statements about evolution as a scientific theory are sometimes ambiguous and might even be taken as supportive of a theistic evolutionary stance; for instance, he states that even if biological evolution were true, it would not mean that Christianity was false, because God is outside of time and could do things any way He wanted7 (obviously, not a view that CMI would endorse; e.g. see 10 dangers of theistic evolution). However, other writings contain quite clear anti-evolution statements, especially when the implications of Darwinism are applied to philosophy. (One might also note that Chesterton’s anti-evolutionary statements are much more consistent with the rest of his thought and writing; and one can hardly expect such a large body of non-inspired writing to be entirely consistent or accurate!) He said of evolution so applied that it ‘is a good example of that modern intelligence which, if it destroys anything, destroys itself.’7

One of Chesterton’s main complaints against Darwinism is that it was advanced as a fact long before it was even a well-established hypothesis (which some of Darwin’s eminent scientific contemporaries also pointed out, e.g. German museum director, Dr Johann Blasius). Chesterton argued that it would have been more productive to discover ‘what is actually known about the variation of species and what can only plausibly be guessed and what is quite random guesswork’, but ‘the Darwinians advanced it with so sweeping and hasty an intolerance that it is no longer a question of one scientific theory being advanced against another scientific theory. … It is treated as an answer; and a final and infallible answer.’8

He noted that even the most ardent evolutionists seemed hesitant in defending Darwinism in his day:

‘Huxley said, in his later years, that Darwin’s suggestion had never been shown to be inconsistent with any new discovery; and anybody acquainted with the atmosphere will be struck by the singular note of negation in that. When Huxley began to write, he certainly expected that, by the end of his life, Darwin’s suggestion would have been confirmed by a crowd of positive discoveries. Now nobody talks of it at present as a settled scientific law. Even the critic who complained of my own remark called Darwinism a “hypothesis”, and admitted that it had been “profoundly modified”. And he added the very singular and significant phrase: that the Darwinian hypotheses was still “that most sound at bottom.” If anyone does not hear the negative note in that, I think he does not know the sound of human voice.’9

‘If an ignorant man went about saying that the earth was flat, the scientific man would promptly and confidently answer, “Oh, nonsense; of course it’s round.” He might even condescend to give the real reasons, which I believe are quite different from the current ones. But when the private citizen rushes wild-eyed down the streets of Heliopolis, Neb., calling out “Have you heard the news? Darwin’s wrong!” the scientific man does not say, “Oh, nonsense, of course he’s right.” He says tremulously, “Not entirely wrong; surely not entirely wrong”; and we can draw our conclusions.’10

Anti-evolution arguments

Image from Wikipedia.com

G.K. Chesterton

G.K. Chesterton

Chesterton argued that ‘nobody need know any more than the mere rudiments of the biological controversy in order to know that, touching twenty incidental problems, [evolution] is in some ways a very unsatisfactory answer.’8 Several of Chesterton’s arguments against evolution sound very much like modern creationist arguments:

‘I do not know the true reason for a bat not having feathers; I only know that Darwin gave a false reason for its having wings. And the more the Darwinians explain, the more certain I become that Darwinism was wrong. All their explanations ignore the fact that Darwinism supposes an animal feature to appear first, not merely in an incomplete stage, but in an almost imperceptible stage. The member of a sort of mouse family, destined to found the bat family, could only have differed from his brother mice by some minute trace of membrane; and why should that enable him to escape out of a natural massacre of mice? Or even if we suppose it did serve some other purpose, it could only be by a coincidence; and this is to imagine a million coincidences accounting for every creature. A special providence watching over a bat would be a far more realistic notion than such a run of luck as that.’11,12

Chesterton also questioned the usefulness of partially formed structures in animals; a wing that enables flight is undoubtedly an advantage to a creature, but a half-formed wing is of no use. ‘Yet Darwinism pre-supposes that numberless generations could survive before one generation could fly.’13

He also accuses the evolutionists of not having enough evidence in the fossil record for their claims:

‘I do not demand anything, in the sense of complaining anything [sic] or the absence of anything. I am quite comfortable in a completely mysterious cosmos. I am not reviling the rocks or cursing the eternal hills for not containing these things. I am only saying that these are the things they would have to contain to make me believe something that somebody else wants me to believe. These traces are not things that the Anti-Darwinian demands. They are things that the Darwinian requires. The Darwinian requires them in order to convince his opponent of Darwinism; his opponent may be right or wrong, but he cannot be expected to accept the mere absence of them as proof of Darwinism. If the evidences in support of the theory are unfortunately hidden, why then, we do not know whether they were in support of the theory. If the proofs of natural selection are lost,14 why then, there are no proofs of natural selection; and there is an end of it.

And I would respectfully ask these critics what would be thought of a theological or miraculous argument which thus based itself on the very gaps in its own evidence.’13

If the evidences in support of the theory [of Darwinism] are unfortunately hidden, why then, we do not know whether they were in support of the theory.—Chesterton on the ‘missing links’.

Chesterton on evolutionary philosophy

As dubious as the scientific claims of evolution seemed to Chesterton, the philosophic implications of Darwinism were to him the more dangerous threat. The first problem evolutionists have is that of how to relate to other creatures. Evolutionists may be very cruel to other animals; after all, under the doctrine of ‘survival of the fittest’, even the most gratuitous and painful actions can be justified as helping natural selection along. Or on the opposite end of the spectrum (which is vastly more common today), an evolutionist may elevate animals to the status of humans, like those who wish to give human rights to apes, on the basis that we are all related, so humans are not entitled to any special status.

Chesterton ably pointed out the follies of such Darwinian reality compared to the sane morality revealed in Scripture:

‘Darwinism can be used to back up two mad moralities, but it cannot be used to back up a single sane one. The kinship and competition of all living creatures can be used as a reason for being insanely cruel or insanely sentimental; but not for a healthy love of animals … That you and a tiger are one may be a reason for being tender to a tiger. Or it may be a reason for being cruel as the tiger. It is one way to train the tiger to imitate you, it is a shorter way to imitate the tiger. But in neither case does evolution tell you how to treat a tiger reasonably, that is, to admire his stripes while avoiding his claws.

‘If you want to treat a tiger reasonably, you must go back to the garden of Eden. For the obstinate reminder continues to recur: only the supernaturalist has taken a sane view of Nature. The essence of all pantheism, evolutionism and modern cosmic religion is really in this proposition: that Nature is our mother. Unfortunately, if you regard Nature as a mother, you discover that she is a stepmother. The main point of Christianity was this: that Nature is not our mother: Nature is our sister. We can be proud of her beauty, since we have the same father; but she has no authority over us; we have to admire, but not to imitate.’15

Not only have evolutionists failed to answer the relatively simple questions that Chesterton put forward, creationists have more arguments than ever against the increasingly contrived pro-evolutionary stance.

The more dangerous implication of evolutionism is how it permits us to treat our fellow man. Chesterton saw the possibility that the more powerful could use evolutionary arguments to exploit the disadvantaged—we have not seen his fanciful predictions of people bred exactly for their intended professions,16 but the evolutionary philosophy did produce eugenics in America and to an even more extreme degree in Germany. There, ‘unfit’ individuals were forcibly sterilized, and in the case of the Nazi death camps, exterminated for the sake of what was seen to be the ideal for the human race. While few today would advocate such tactics, evolutionary philosophy has substantially devalued the human life, as can be witnessed by the millions of abortions which take place every year in America alone, especially if the baby has Down’s Syndrome or some deformity—most of these handicapped children never had a chance to take their first breath. And there are evolutionists like Eric Pianka and John Reid who wouldn’t mind a drastic reduction in the human population to ‘save the planet’.

Chesterton was able to see how the ideas in his day might affect thought in the future, and argued against what he saw the consequences of such flawed ideas to be. It is revealing that in nearly a century since he penned his arguments against evolution and Darwinism, those same arguments are as relevant today as they were in the early 20th century. Darwinism was open to serious attack then, and with the vast gain in scientific information, not only have evolutionists failed to answer the relatively simple questions that Chesterton put forward, creationists have more arguments than ever against the increasingly contrived pro-evolutionary stance, which has resorted to teaching falsehoods to gain converts.

Staunch defender

Chesterton also successfully debated some of the leading anti-Christians of his day, such as George Bernard Shaw, H.G. Wells, Bertrand Russell and Clarence Darrow.17 Against Darrow, he was much more successful than William Jennings Bryan, winning the audience vote about 2–1. One report stated:

‘At the conclusion of the debate everybody was asked to express his opinion as to the victor and slips of paper were passed around for that purpose. The award went directly to Chesterton. Darrow in comparison, seemed heavy, uninspired, slow of mind, while G.K.C. was joyous, sparkling and witty …. quite the Chesterton one had come to expect from his books. The affair was like a race between a lumbering sailing vessel and a modern steamer. Mrs. Frances Taylor Patterson also heard the Chesterton–Darrow debate, but went to the meeting with some misgivings because she was a trifle afraid that Chesterton’s “gifts might seem somewhat literary in comparison with the trained scientific mind and rapier tongue of the famous trial lawyer. Instead, the trained scientific mind, the clear thinking, the lightning quickness in getting a point and hurling back an answer, turned out to belong to Chesterton. I have never heard Mr. Darrow alone, but taken relatively, when that relativity is to Chesterton, he appears positively muddle-headed.”

I was favorably impressed by, warmly attached to, G.K. Chesterton. I enjoyed my debates with him, and found him a man of culture and fine sensibilities.—Famous atheistic lawyer Clarence Darrow, who decisively lost a debate with him.

‘ … As Chesterton summed it up, he felt as if Darrow had been arguing all afternoon with his fundamentalist aunt, and the latter kept sparring with a dummy of his own mental making. When something went wrong with the microphone, Darrow sat back until it could be fixed. Whereupon G.K.C. jumped up and carried on in his natural voice, “Science you see is not infallible!” Whatever brilliance Darrow had in his own right, it was completely eclipsed. For all the luster that he shed, he might have been a remote star at high noon drowned by the bright incandescent light of the sun. Chesterton had the audience with him from the start, and when it was over, everyone just sat there, not wishing to leave.

Ostensibly the defender of science against Mr. Chesterton, [Darrow] obviously knew much less about science than Mr. Chesterton did; when he essayed to answer his opponent on the views of Eddington and Jeans, it was patent that he did not have the remotest conception of what the new physics was all about.’18

Yet these opponents greatly respected him and considered him a friend. This would be like Richard Dawkins expressing warm friendship towards Henry Morris at a much later time. For example, Shaw said:

‘The world is not thankful enough for Chesterton.’

And Darrow wrote:

‘I was favorably impressed by, warmly attached to, G.K. Chesterton. I enjoyed my debates with him, and found him a man of culture and fine sensibilities.’


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An evolutionist justifies teaching students inaccuracies and overt falsehoods.

Reiss resigns as Royal Society stifles debate on evolution September 23, 2008
Even if you’re an evolutionist believer, if you show the slightest concession to the creationist ‘enemy’, it seems you’re out, too!

Angkor saw a stegosaur? September 22, 2008
A stone carving of a dinosaur at the ancient ruins of Angkor raises the question: how could anyone living 800 years ago have known what a dino looked like?

Church of England apologises to Darwin September 20, 2008
Anglican leaders’ appeasement of evolutionary theory is as futile as Chamberlain’s appeasement of Hitler, 70 years ago this month.

Crisis in cosmology continues with conference of big-bang dissidents September 19, 2008
CMI speaker and respected physics professor John Hartnett, who represented his university, gives his impressions.

Evidence for multiple ring growth per year in Bristlecone Pines September 18, 2008
Evidence for multiple ring growth per year overturns claims of great age.

Faith-based attacks on religious schools September 17, 2008
Atheists profess tolerance but display rank intolerance when it comes to schools that refuse to toe the materialistic party line.

Taking a crack at the Neandertal mitochondrial genome September 16, 2008
A full-length stretch of DNA from a Neandertal mitochondrion has been sequenced. Some are using it to allege that it came from a different species to modern humans. But is that deduction justified?

Dino dung overturns objection September 15, 2008
Sceptics love to challenge Christians about Noah’s Flood. Here’s how a piece of (fossilized) dung ruins their ‘argument’.

Christianity, Islam and science September 13, 2008
Was the scientific method being practiced in Islamic lands centuries before modern science became established in Medieval Christian Europe?

Doomsday fears fizz as CERN’s ‘big collider’ makes a tiny bang September 12, 2008
Media hype had some people thinking the world would end. CMI’s Dr Russell Humphreys, formerly a physicist with the prestigious Sandia National Laboratories, makes an informed comment.

Lipid rafts: evidence of biosyntax and biopragmatics September 11, 2008
They demonstrate information within the cell.

Conversions in the land of the rising sun September 10, 2008
Good news as creation scientist Werner Gitt tours a country notoriously difficult for evangelism.

Earth Science Ireland chastised over anti-Christian, anti-creationist attitude September 9, 2008
Geologist says it’s time to open up geology to debate, starting with this open letter.

Is evolution pseudoscience? September 8, 2008
Evolutionists’ own criteria for identifying a ‘pseudoscience’ show that evolution itself is a pseudoscience.

No-one is safe anymore September 5, 2008
Compromise on ‘made in the image of God’ is taking us into Hitler’s gas chambers.

Identification of species within the sheep-goat kind (Tsoan monobaramin) September 4, 2008
Are sheep and goats part of the same original biblical kind?

Viva la Evolution? September 3, 2008
Should Christians celebrate evolution in the 200th anniversary of Darwin’s birth next year?

World by Design Tour dismantled my big bang September 2, 2008
Answered doubts about Scripture that were first raised in my mind at seminary.

Performing surgery upon evolutionary thinking September 1, 2008
Jonathan Sarfati interviews pediatric surgeon Dr Ross Pettigrew (from New Zealand), who explains the fine design of the human body, and why evolution matches neither science nor Scripture.

Laminin, Atlas moths, and ‘gay’ brains August 30, 2008
Is there really a protein shaped like Jesus? cross? Are there really moths that look like snakes? And are some people really born with ?gay? brains?

Not too old to be Expelled August 29, 2008
Our God-ordained right of free thought and speech is under systematic and increasing attack

Secularizing America August 28, 2008
Christian Smith’s The Secular Revolution challenges cherished sociological theories and exposes the anti-Christian power struggle in the West.

Are you dancing to your DNA? August 27, 2008
Why do atheists like Richard Dawkins bother trying to convert people to atheism if everything we believe is fated by the movement of atoms anyway?

Mercury’s Magnetic Field is Young! August 26, 2008
Messenger space probe reports from Mercury confirm biblical models of formation of planetary magnetic fields.

Surveillance solution: mimicking a bug’s eye view August 25, 2008
Inspired by insect vision: new camera technology that can pick up detail in light and dark at the same time.

God, the universe, tolerance and suffering August 23, 2008
A World By Design conference attendee submits six questions, on existential type issues of the sort most people ponder at some point in their lives.

How landscapes reveal Noah’s Flood August 22, 2008
Visualizing the erosive effect of receding floodwaters

Christianity as progress August 21, 2008
A review of The Victory of Reason: How Christianity Let to Freedom, Capitalism, and Western Success by Rodney Stark

What’s in a pronoun? The divine gender controversy August 20, 2008
A number of respondents to a UK survey disagreed with a ‘male God’. But what does the Bible teach, and what does it mean for people of both sexes?

Vampire finches of the Galápagos August 18, 2008
If you think finches are cute birds that eat seeds, then check out the ones on Wolf Island.

Changing chromosome numbers August 14, 2008
Many people regard chromosome numbers in animals as being essentially fixed. Not so. See how this helps explain rapid speciation after the Flood.

NASA astronaut Ed Mitchell says aliens are with us August 12, 2008
An American hero rocks the establishment with his spectacular claim of having ‘inside knowledge’ about UFO cover-ups. However, there is more to Ed Mitchell than meets the eye.

Separating the sheep from the goats August 11, 2008
Sheep and goats illustrate the limits of the created kinds and the inadequacy of mutations for evolution

Cryptids and UFOs—Is there a link? August 9, 2008
Are cryptids and UFOs two birds of a kind? Should CMI regard both with equal skepticism?

‘Are you a biblical creationist?’ August 8, 2008
Here are nine simple questions to ask your future possible pastor, youth group leader or Bible College principal to find out their view of Genesis.

Mitochondria—created to energize us August 7, 2008
Did cells really acquire organelles such as mitochondria by gobbling up other cells?

Chamberlain and the Church August 4, 2008
We hope you enjoy this sneak preview of an article from the soon-to-be-released Creation magazine. Subscribers will be delighted with the printed magazine’s powerful content and brilliant graphics.

Doubting Squishosaur doubts August 2, 2008
Were the reports of soft tissue in T. rex bones all wrong? Is it time to discard this powerful-seeming evidence? Not yet, it seems.

The Heart Mountain catastrophic slide July 31, 2008
It’s a problem for uniformitarian geology, but solved by the biblical Flood.

More evidence of Noah’s Flood, this time from Mongolia July 30, 2008
All over the world the story is the same—there was a terrible watery catastrophe that killed the dinosaurs quickly.

Design and the Designer July 28, 2008
We hope you enjoy this sneak preview of the editorial from the soon-to-be-released Creation magazine. Subscribers will be delighted with the printed magazine?s powerful content and brilliant graphics.

Christopher Hitchens—blind to salamander reality July 26, 2008
A well-known atheist’s ‘eureka moment’ shows the desperation of evolutionists.

Polystrate fossils: evidence for a young earth July 21, 2008
Fossil tree trunks spanning geological strata look like they grew in place, but closer inspection reveals a different story—evidence of catastrophe.

Mission not impossible! July 14, 2008
Eastern religions might have a superficial appeal to some, and have seemingly absorbed Darwinism readily, but only the Bible has the true answers that all need to hear.

Germ's miniature motor has a clutch July 8, 2008
The microscopic motor that powers a germ’s flagellum is a masterpiece of design. Discovery of a ‘clutch’ reinforces this.

Inexplicable insect metamorphosis July 7, 2008
The change of caterpillar to butterfly requires exquisite programming. But the origin of this programming baffles evolutionists.

Karl Kruszelnicki: still missing the missing links July 5, 2008
Australian science personality Dr Karl Kruszelnicki takes creationists to task over transitional forms. Are his criticisms valid?

Theropod and sauropod dinosaurs sighted in PNG? July 1, 2008
People in the West New Britain region of Papua New Guinea have recounted seeing a creature ‘closely matching’ an artist’s reconstruction of a Therizinosaurus in a dinosaur handbook, except for the appearance of the head.

Marvellous moth motif June 30, 2008
An amazing portrait of a mammal’s face—on the wings of a moth—defies Darwinian explanations in its sheer detail.

Life: a gift from God June 23, 2008
An intensive care specialist points out how doctors who have traditionally been taught to revere life are becoming increasingly caught up in a ‘culture of death’.

The Fall, Curse and Satan June 21, 2008
Who is Satan, when did he fall and why, and what is his part in our sin? What did the subsequent Fall of mankind change?

The stress/heat flow paradox of the San Andreas Fault, California June 19, 2008
What’s wrong with the traditional uniformitarian explanations of the San Andreas Fault?

Ministry programs for your church June 18, 2008
Ministry programs for your church

Bacteria 'evolving in the lab'? (Lenski, citrate-digesting E. coli) June 14, 2008
The hype associated with this latest evolutionary claim is way out of kilter with the reality. The excitement just shows how little evidence there is for molecules-to-man evolution.

Darwin’s arguments against God June 13, 2008
How Darwin rejected the doctrines of Christianity.

Ancient mutant Jamaican sea cows? June 7, 2008
Have they really found fossil sea cows with legs instead of flippers?

Peacock tail tale failure June 6, 2008
Charles Darwin’s ‘theory of sexual selection’ fails to explain the very thing Darwin concocted it for.

Serial cell differentiation: intricate system of design June 4, 2008
The process of cell division is so complicated and selective that evolutionists can’t adequately explain its origin.

Do rivers erode through mountains? June 2, 2008
Have you ever noticed that many of the world’s rivers flow through mountain ranges rather than around them?

Josephus says, ‘Genesis means what it says!’ May 26, 2008
The most famous Jewish historian had no doubts about the authenticity and historicity of the Bible’s account of creation.

Do monkeys play football? May 19, 2008
Football’s governing bodies are trying to stop racist taunts from spectators. But do they understand the problem?

Pigs! May 12, 2008
It’s worth looking at pigs from a different perspective.

Reincarnation vs Creation May 6, 2008
How should Christians respond to the growing popularity of Buddhism and the associated idea of reincarnation?

Another leggy snake? April 29, 2008
Discovering leg bones in the fossil snake Eupodophis has evolutionists excited. But are leggy snakes ‘primitive’, and what have they to do with the Curse in Genesis 3?

Bye-bye, big bang? April 28, 2008
A high-redshift quasar within lower-redshift galaxy NGC 7319 disproves traditional big bang assumptions demonstrates secular astronomer Halton Arp.

Pain in childbirth: result of the Fall or fear? April 26, 2008
A reader questions whether the curse on Eve was more about the anguish of raising children

The Importance of Evidence April 25, 2008
We hope you enjoy this sneak preview of the editorial from the soon-to-be-released Creation magazine. Subscribers will be delighted with the printed magazine’s powerful content and brilliant graphics.

Swedish trees older than the universe? April 23, 2008
A closer look at a claim about the world’s oldest trees—allegedly older than the biblical date of creation.

Peacock poppycock? April 21, 2008
Darwin’s attempt to explain how the peacock’s tail evolved is being sharply criticized—by evolutionists.

Diamonds in days (actually, minutes!) April 15, 2008
Diamonds just don’t need millions of years to form, but only days, or hours, or even minutes!

Could Adam have appealed the verdict? April 14, 2008
How does Adam’s conviction and sentence by God for the sin of ‘rebellion’ compare with today’s legal procedures?

Was Dawkins Stumped? April 12, 2008
Our Frog to a Prince DVD shows the Apostle of Atheism unable to provide an example of information increase in the genome. See timeline, raw footage, and answer to critics.

The elements of the universe point to creation April 10, 2008
Why the big bang does not explain the elemental abundances in the universe.

Creation in Kazakhstan April 8, 2008
Dr Werner Gitt spreads the message—and reaps a Gospel harvest—in this majority Muslim country.

How could Noah get all the animals on the Ark? April 7, 2008
People often think there is no answer, but there is, and a simple one at that.

Easter and Good Friday: questions and answers April 5, 2008
Some claim that the word ‘Easter’ is derived from a pagan goddess, and others claim that Jesus must have been crucified on a Wednesday. Read Dr Sarfati’s comments.

Double doctor doubts Darwinian dogma March 31, 2008
Dr Don Johnson, a specialist in Information science and chemistry, shows how evolution is impossible.

Creationists are ‘liars’ (?) March 26, 2008
Geologist Donald Prothero does’t like the fact that we dont agree with his ideas on Darwinian evolution.

Grass-eating dinos March 24, 2008
How could dinosaurs have eaten grass, if it hadn’t evolved yet?

Genesis and the Cross March 21, 2008
It may seem odd for people to celebrate the humiliating defeat of their leader and hero. But the suffering, shame and death of Jesus Christ are a source of hope to Christians.

No sign of gravitational lensing in the cosmic microwave background March 20, 2008
Could the ‘cosmic microwave background’ just be a ‘local’ phenomenon?

Islam: Cult of apartheid in the West March 19, 2008
As the church has increasingly abandoned its biblical birthright, the resultant spiritual vacuum is being filled not by atheism and humanism, but by Islam. What is to be done?

Two-tone twins March 17, 2008
Twins with different skin tones disprove evolutionary ideas of ‘race’ and support the Bible’s record of human history.

Horseshoe crabs invented themselves? March 14, 2008
The latest discovery of a horseshoe crab fossil has evolutionists raving.

Evenings and mornings March 13, 2008
How can there be evenings and mornings in Genesis 1 before the creation of the sun on Day 4?

Bird behaviour beliefs overturned March 12, 2008
How a hummingbird’s tail and a flock of flying starlings show us that there is more to birds than meets the eye.

Who’s inheriting the wind now? March 10, 2008
A bitter harvest from the Darwinian propaganda film about the Scopes trial (1925–2005). Darwinian advocates have failed to predict the bad consequences of teaching evolution as truth

They're teaching racism to our kids March 7, 2008
Textbook used in government schools portrays ‘blacks’ as less evolved

C4 photosynthesis-evolution or design? March 6, 2008
Life depends on photosynthesis, but there’s more than one way to do it …

Vanishing coastlines March 3, 2008
Coastal erosion turns dream home into a nightmare—and demonstrates the earth is young.

Youngest and brightest galaxy … or is it? February 29, 2008
Artistry and the big bang story take over where the data leaves off

Clever crustaceans February 26, 2008
According to the standard evolutionary ‘progression’, crabs and lobsters are way down in the intelligence stakes. But fishermen can recognize when they’ve been ‘outsmarted’ by these creatures with ‘no brain’.

The ultimate machine February 25, 2008
PhD anatomist David Kauffman points out that the human body is ‘ultra superior’ to anything that people have been able to invent.

Evidence of Noah’s Flood from Mexico February 22, 2008
Dinosaur dig reveals dramatic insights into the degree of devastation, not so long ago

The genetic puppeteer February 19, 2008
We hope you enjoy this sneak preview of an article from the soon-to-be-released Creation magazine. Subscribers will be delighted with the printed magazine’s powerful content and brilliant graphics.

That quote!—about the missing transitional fossils February 18, 2008
The inside story on bombshell admissions from an evolutionary expert— and one skeptic’s attempts at damage control.

Expelled: New movie exposes persecution of anti-Darwinists February 15, 2008
The documentary Expelled is set to make a real stir in March 08 with its powerful exposé of the relentless suppression of anyone not toeing the Darwinian ‘party line’.

Modern-looking lampreys ‘older’ than thought February 14, 2008
We hope you enjoy this sneak preview from the soon-to-be-released March issue of Journal of Creation.

Science, Creation and Evolutionism (refutation of NAS) February 8, 2008
With much fanfare, the US National Academy of Sciences has published another anti-creationist book. Read the detailed refutation.

The naturalistic formation of planets exceedingly difficult February 7, 2008
You are given the impression that it’s easy to make planets from dust but the facts are otherwise. See why.

Magnetic Message from Mercury February 5, 2008
Measurements of Mercury’s magnetic field should further test a creation-based model that has already correctly predicted the fields of other planets far better than evolutionary models.

Creationism, Science and Peer Review February 2, 2008
‘If creation is really science, then why isn’t it published in secular peer-reviewed journals?’

The uniformitarian mystery of radiolarian chert January 31, 2008
How do we explain cherts when there aren’t any modern examples of it forming?

Is Richard Dawkins an atheist? January 30, 2008
Professor Dawkins, author of The God Delusion, says he is an atheist, but does he behave like a real atheist?

Taylor Head, Nova Scotia January 29, 2008
Discover evidence for Noah’s Flood in a government brochure, if you know what to look for and ignore the dates.

Watery catastrophe deduced from huge Ceratopsian dinosaur graveyard January 24, 2008
Are the usual uniformitarian explanations of river floods big enough to explain these graveyards?

Creation: antidote for depression January 21, 2008
We hope you enjoy this sneak preview of the editorial from the soon-to-be-released Creation magazine. Subscribers will be delighted with the printed magazine’s powerful content and brilliant graphics.

Oldest tuberculosis claim January 18, 2008
Was TB part of the original very-good creation?

How can you survive and thrive at college and university January 15, 2008
Simple pointers to give you a strategy.

If God can do anything, then can He make a being more powerful than Himself? January 12, 2008
Can an omnipotent being make a being more powerful than himself, or a rock too heavy for him to lift? How should we understand ‘nothing is impossible for God’?

Let the blind see … January 11, 2008
Breeding blind fish with blind fish restores sight for many of them—but should evolutionists be crowing?

Mud experiments overturn long-held geological beliefs January 9, 2008
A call for a radical reappraisal of all previous interpretations of mudstone deposits

More about moths January 5, 2008
A recent attempt to restore the reputation of the peppered moth as an evolutionary icon falls flat

A fossil is a fossil is a fossil. Right? January 3, 2008
Do today’s definitions of the word ‘fossil’ rule out a biblical timescale by default?

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