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1—Does God exist?

8 big questions
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There is overwhelming evidence that God exists, from Jesus’ life, death and resurrection. The Bible, as well as proclaiming the existence of God, also bears witness that God exists, because only divine inspiration can explain this most remarkable of books. It has amazing unity, accuracy and preservation. Also the world around us shows divine design, pointing to an incredibly intelligent creator, as the Bible says. For more:

2—Doesn’t evolution do away with God?

Evolutionists claim that purely natural processes (mutations and natural selection) explain how a microbe changed into you and me (and mango trees and every other living thing). While mutations and natural selection happen in today’s world, with what we now know about living things, they are actually going in the wrong direction to explain the diversity of life on Earth, no matter how long a time is claimed:

3—If God is good, why do bad things happen?

The Bible tells us that the first man Adam’s rebellion against his creator brought death and suffering into the world. Death is an intruder, not part of God’s original creation, but is ultimately due to man’s sin:

4—How do dinosaurs fit with the Bible?

In the Bible, God has revealed the major events of history from the beginning of time. From this we can build a way of thinking to understand the universe. See how the Bible explains dinosaurs and how the evidence fits:

5—What about carbon dating?

We hear all the time about how this or that fossil or rock is millions or billions of years old. Do the methods for getting these ages really work? Could there be something seriously wrong with these vast ages? Carbon dating itself actually presents a serious challenge to these ages and Noah’s Flood explains the rocks and fossils better in a much shorter timeframe:

6—Did Noah really build a big boat to escape a global flood?

Was this just a story, or did it really happen? The Bible records such an event. There is evidence all around the world that the Flood occurred, in flood stories from various people groups, and in the rocks and the fossils:

7—What about UFOs and aliens?

Many people struggle with the notion that the earth is the only inhabited planet in this enormous universe. Those who believe that life evolved on earth often see it as virtual ‘fact’ that life has evolved on countless other planets. Furthermore, many believe that we are being visited by intelligent life forms. What is the evidence?

8—Why did Jesus die?

Most people regard Jesus as a good man, but his life, death and resurrection show that He was much more than just a good man. The Bible portrays mankind as in rebellion against our Creator, such that we deserve to be judged and punished for our rebellion (sin). Jesus’ death is said to be necessary so that we can be forgiven.

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