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Volume 34, Issue 4
October 2012
56 pages

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4–5 Feedback
6 Editorial: ‘A tale of two theologians’
by Jonathan Sarfati
7–11 Focus—creation news and views
12–13 Autumn leaves don’t fall (by accident)
by David Catchpoole
14–15 The Church Fathers on the Genesis Flood (Pre-publication version)
by Paul Garner
16–19 Nuclear scientist Dr Brandon Van Der Ventel shares his creationist faith
by Jonathan Sarfati
20–21 Granite formation was catastrophic
by Tas Walker
22–23 Faith, not facts?
by Tony Mator
24–27 Creation for Kids
Does God make paper planes?
by Gordon Howard
28–31 Marvellous meerkats
by Johan Kruger
32–34 God’s healing hand—Terry Hamblin
by Naomal Wijesunghe
35 The bacterium that came in from the cold
by Jonathan O’Brien
36–38 Mercury—more marks of youth
by Andrew Lamb
39 Giant compound eyes—half a billion years ago?
Jonathan Sarfati
40–42 Huxley, morality and the Bible
by Russell Grigg
43–45 Homology made simple
by Dominic Statham
46–48 Broken images
by Lita Sanders
49–51 Permission to believe the Bible
Tas Walker talks to Rev. Esa Hukkinen about Genesis, science and salvation
52–55 Index fossils—really?
by Gordon Howard
56 Kamikaze caterpillars
by Carl Wieland