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Volume 41, Issue 3
July 2019
56 pages

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4–5 Feedback
6 Editorial: Everything is theological
by Lita Sanders
7–11 Focus—creation news and views
12–14 How big were the dinosaurs, really?
by Jonathan Sarfati
15 Baby fossil snake further frustrates evolution
by Philip Bell
16–17 Ethiopia’s ‘little Edens’: The dominion mandate in action
by Lita Sanders
18–21 Termites to the glory of God
Don Batten interviews termite expert, Dr Victor Meyer
22–25 Sick, suffering monsters and the eugenicists who created them
by Lita Sanders
26–27 Dinosaur footprint treasure trove found in Britain
by Philip Robinson
28–31 The Tapir
by David Catchpoole
32–35 Creation for Kids—Did dinosaur and man ever live together?
by Erin Hughes and Lita Sanders
36–38 Living out the faith in a Christless culture
Scott Gillis talks with Indian creationist couple
39–41 The mysterious alien tablet: Delving into DNA’s mind-blowing, Multi-layered information system
by Dominic Statham
42–44 Tyrannosaur ‘walking with sharks’? How Hell Creek supports the Bible
by Gavin Cox
45 Ceres surprises
by Jonathan O’Brien
46–47 Fossils in a day?
by Ron Neller
48–51 Submarine canyons bigger than Grand Canyon: Carved as Noah’s Flood receded
by Michael Oard
52–54 Hagfish: Slimy superpower—‘ancient’ protective design
by Philip Bell
55 Comet Conundrum
by Mark Harwood
56 Zippy ‘Zonkey‘
by David Catchpoole