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Volume 42, Issue 4
October 2020
56 pages

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4–5 Feedback
6 Editorial: Biblical creation has the answers
by Jonathan Sarfati
7–11 Focus—creation news and views
12–14 Defying deep-time dogma: Stunning stalactites in a pub cellar
by Gavin Cox
15 DNA detected in duckbilled dino
by Philip Robinson
16–19 Former cancer researcher vs creation compromise
Jonathan Sarfati chats with Philip Bell CEO of CMI—UK/Europe
20–22 The victory of the Last Adam
by Lita Sanders
23 Rails derail Darwinism: Loss of flight is not evolution
by Matthew Cserhati
24–27 Startling fossils in amber defy long-age dogmas
by Philip Robinson
28–31 An amazing desert trio: Adaptated to the heat
by Matthew Cserhati
32–35 Creation for Kids—The solar system
by Lita Sanders and Jonathan Sarfati
36–38 The history of flying machines helps show flight did not evolve
by Stuart Burgess
39–41 A strange mix of plants and animals during the Ice Age
by Michael Oard
42–43 The house that changed colour
by Ari Takku
44–47 A passion for the poor
Margaret Wieland chats with Roland Beard
48–50 Smallpox: Medical victory over a devastating plague
by Lita Sanders
51 Tooth enamel: Hard, and hard to replace
by David Catchpoole
52–54 The Birka pinhead: Viking ‘dragons of the sea’ defy evolutionary history
by Philip Robinson
55 Spiders and ants inspire an unsinkable metal structure
by Philip Robinson
56 Playing games with evolution
by Lita Sanders