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Could chemical evolution produce DNA?

Published: 29 June 2019 (GMT+10)
Creating life in a test-tube would not demonstrate that life could have made itself without intelligent input.

An inquirer asks about recent hype concerning claims that DNA building blocks could be produced by random, undirected chemistry. Ph.D. chemist Dr Jonathan Sarfati responds with both general advice about chemical evolution claims, and some specifics about this latest one.

Erin C. writes:

These atheists are at it again. They think they have discovered a new route to a Godless abiogenesis.

Please show a good refutation of it. [Link deleted as per feedback rules.]


Dr Sarfati replies:

Dear Erin

Thank you for writing to CMI.

As a rule, we can’t normally grant requests to respond to articles or YouTube videos online, otherwise we would have no time for anything else!

But as it turns out, CMI scientists had already come across this paper and discussed it informally. Note that every ostensibly new chemical evolution paper is a tacit admission that other scenarios don’t work. We have an article advising how we should assess any new paper.1 But let’s look at this latest one anyway.

“The essential feature of the new pathway, as Trapp explains, is that the sugar is not linked to the base in a single step. Instead, it is built up on the preformed base by a short sequence of reaction steps involving simple organic molecules such as acetaldehyde and glyceraldehyde.”2,3

That is, they did not synthesise any of the four DNA bases, but presupposed them. Not surprising, since there is no good prebiotic route to cytosine especially, and the others are unstable. And how nice that they have used pure, uncontaminated reagents to make the sugars, instead of the diluted and grossly contaminated gunk that results from Miller–Urey-type experiments. We have long known about formose reaction (or Butlerov reaction, after eminent 19th-century Russian chemist Alexander Mikhaylovich Butlerov) to make sugars from simple aldehydes in alkaline conditions. But to get useful amounts, we must stop this reaction at just the right time, otherwise the Cannizzaro reaction and caramelization would destroy them.4

So after finding a chemical pathway for adding a (simple) sugar moiety to an existing nucleotide, what happens next? How do we take this product and polymerize it (to make some actual DNA)? How do they make sure that the added sugars are homochiral? After that, how does random chemistry add information (in thermodynamic terms, reduce configurational entropy)? How did they do all this before DNA breaks down, given its known instability? Note that RNA is even more unstable, which is really saying a lot, thanks to the extra hydroxy group on the ribose.

It would take far more than this paper even to make a small dent in our overview paper on chemical evolution,5 for example. In short, the claims are hyped to the hilt.

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Readers’ comments

Zach S.
Signs that a theory is dying; 1. Keep issuing rescue devices; 2. Find a new fork in the road when the first one doesn’t work out; 3. Hype that new fork to the point where you’re putting all your chips on the table. Seriously; nothing new was discovered, it's all, like Dr Sarfati said, based on what we already know about the DNA bases. No experiment was, or has been, done, it's all ”well we have not considered this path before, so we might as well give it a shot.” Folks evolution is dying a slow painful death, unfortunately the only people who won’t notice when it finally dies are the evolutionists.
Bill P.
Evolutionists are just like the Egypt's Army. They experienced the plagues that God sent upon Egypt. The saw the sea divided before their very eyes so Israel could walk through safely. Instead of turning around and going back to their homes in Egypt they charged into the midst of the sea foolishly believing they were going to destroy Israel. Since that day the world has not seen that army.
Just like the army of Egypt these people who refuse to give Glory to God, (The Creator of heaven and earth) will keep trying to destroy The Living God and All who belong to Him. They would rather watch the world burn before they humble themselves before God. Just like Egypt's army they will never be seen again.
It is foolish to underestimate The True and Living God, and they will reap what they have sown.
Donald D.
So far that I am aware...only toxic Left handed DNA has been replicated in the Lab., no Right Handed DNA. A very telling thing to overcome. The Left handed DNA does not form in nature.....
Jonathan Sarfati
Actually, the issue is that a primordial soup would produce an equal mixture of left- and right-handed sugars or amino acids, i.e. a racemic mixture. A polynucleotide such as DNA or RNA would not grow if the sugars in the nucleotides were racemic. See Origin of life: the chirality problem.
Jean P.
I never went beyond blue/pink litmus paper in school and didn't go to Uni. However, studying your articles, magazines and Prof. Wilder-Smith and others ever since you began Ministry, I have spent years explaining the chirality problem to high schoolers, Uni students and others. It's so simple that you have to wonder why they just don't get it.. I also ask people, "What was it that went bang? Where did it come from and what was the pressure applied to it? Stay there until you've worked that out before trying to build a whole theory on it." Maybe that's what they are trying to do but it'll never work. Jean

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