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The Birka Pinhead
Viking ‘Dragons of the Sea’ defy evolutionary theory
by Philip Robinson
Medieval artists saw extinct reptiles: more evidence
Comparisons between modern and medieval artists show ancient peoples saw 'extinct' reptiles and dinosaurs
by Brian Thomas
Leonardo’s dragon
How did he draw a dinosaur so accurately?
by Phil Robinson
Are there dragons in the British Museum?
When some early fossil hunters unearthed the bones of creatures, they recognised them as more than mythical animals.
by Amelia Hunter
Dragons on Noahs Ark
Ancient artists produced spectacular animal imagery that includes a creature with easily discernible dinosaurian features.
by Philip Robinson
Dinosaurs are almost certainly extinct
We have had decades to verify the many claims that dinosaurs are still alive today, but to date none of those have panned out.
by Robert W. Carter, Gary Bates, Jonathan Sarfati
The Bronze Tree of Sanxingdui
An intriguing archaeological find raises comparisons with the biblical account of the Fall.
by Stephen Brennecke
Dinosaurs in Noah’s vineyard
In a region north of the mountains of Ararat where secular scholars believe vineyards were first planted, there is a church with carved images of dinosaurs.
by David Lewis
The so-called ‘Age of Dinosaurs’
Why there never was a ‘land before time’ millions of years ago!
by Calvin Smith
The Year the Water Dragon Roared
The Chinese year that began in January 2012 gives a powerful opportunity to witness.
by Carl Wieland
Thunder lizards
Cinema technologies have brought mankind face-to-face with Earth’s largest-ever land animals, but what do we really know about them?
by Russell Grigg
Sea monsters … more than a legend?
Tales of unknown creatures make sense in a biblical framework of history.
by Rebecca Driver