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Noah did not take fish on the Ark!
And other misconceptions about Noah’s cargo.
by Jonathan Sarfati
Marcel-Paul Schützenberger—French Darwin doubter
A respected French scientist raised a number of mathematical objections to evolution that remain unanswered.
by Jerry Bergman
Made in the image of God
What does it mean that human beings are ‘made in the image of God’?
by Russell Grigg
Feathers—an evolutionary enigma
The incredible complexity of feathers continues to puzzle evolutionists.
by Jerry Bergman
Priest calls CMI heretical
Is he right?
by Lita Sanders
The portrayal of creationists by their evolutionist detractors
Where they are not ignored, creationists are invariably disparaged and misrepresented.
by Philip Bell
Aping humans
The idea that chimps can learn to speak as humans do has been thoroughly debunked.
by Carl Wieland
Image of God or image of an ape?
Scientists exhibiting at London’s Natural History Museum are unable to identify an evolutionary progression from apes to men.
by Dominic Statham
Life’s irreducible structure—Part 1: autopoiesis
‘Autopoiesis’ (self-making) shows that all aspects of life lie beyond naturalistic explanations.
by Alex Williams
Why did God make humans and chimps so similar?
Might it actually be evidence for design?
by Shaun Doyle
Evolutionary naturalism: an ancient idea
Not original to Darwin but the revival of an ancient idea.
by Jerry Bergman
Reproduction: the essential sign of life
What can a coffee table teach us about the beginning of life?
by Gordon Howard