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Do these skulls prove common ancestry between apes and humans?
Do these skulls prove common ancestry between apes and humans?
by Joel Tay
Sulfur-cycling bacteria 1.8 billion years old the same as today
1.8 billion years have allegedly gone by but these rapidly-reproducing bacteria haven’t changed in all that supposed time
by Michael Oard
Deadly plant’s flowers in amber deadly to evolution
Many people know that Strychnos plants contain strychnine, a deadly poison. The discovery of its flowers in amber is ‘deadly’ to evolution.
by Philip Bell and David Catchpoole
Meet ‘Mr Living Fossils’
A former evolutionist who has worked as a research biologist now has a museum that highlights creation.
by Carl Wieland
Whale explodes fossil theory
A macabre scene played out on a floating carcass has an obvious message for evolutionists.
by Tas Walker
Famous living fossil ‘link’ idea fizzles further
Famous living fossil ‘link’ idea fizzles further
by Carl Wieland
‘Animal salad’ points to catastrophic demise
Evolutionists struggle to explain an enormous fossil graveyard that includes sea, land, and flying creatures.
by Len de Beer
Fossilized dinosaur retains its shape
Scientists excited that many details remain visible in exquisitely preserved creature.
by Warren Nunn
Message in a bottle
A bottle encased in solid rock proves fossils don’t require millions of years.
by Tas Walker
The non-evolution of the horse
The amazing variety in these magnificent animals serves as a reminder that things do not make themselves.
by Jonathan Sarfati
Was there enough time for thick permafrost to form?
Is there enough time for permafrost to form in the biblical timeframe?
by Ron Neller
Dinosaur and mammal tracks found together
Highly concentrated fossil tracks found near NASA Goddard Space Center support Noah’s Flood
by Michael Oard