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Sulfur bacteria stasis—“The greatest absence of evolution ever reported”
“The greatest absence of evolution ever reported” is hailed as support for evolution.
by David Catchpoole
High-definition dinosaur skin traces left during a rain shower
Have you ever seen a dinosaur running in the rain? No, but a stunning new fossil find is the next best thing.
by Philip Robinson
Dramatic dinosaur footprints at Karoola station, Australia
Fleeing the rising waters of Noah’s Flood
by Tas Walker
Opalised fossils or pseudofossils
Can opals and opalised fossils form quickly under the right conditions?
by John Hartnett
Sea Pens
‘Extreme’ living fossils shout ‘after their kind’
by Don Batten
Fossil time ranges continue to expand up and down
Many new fossil discoveries at ‘wrong’ evolutionary dates.
by Michael J. Oard
The Alvis Delk human-dino footprints artefact
Is it an ancient fossil indicating dino-human coexistence or a modern hoax?
by Tas Walker
Mighty mites stifle evolutionists
Evolutionists stopped in their tracks as amber find has them scratching their heads.
by Shane Cessna
The Cambrian explosion
The remarkable fossils found in the Cambrian rocks provide devastating evidence against Darwin’s theory.
by Dominic Statham
The Cal Orcko (‘Lime Hill’) dinosaur trackways
Thousands of dinosaur tracks in a cliff?—How did they get there!
by Andrew Lamb
Are Maiacetus, Indohyus, and Dorudon missing links?
Are Maiacetus, Indohyus, and Dorudon missing links that prove whale evolution?
by Joel Tay
Dead crocodiles downunder
Scientific experiments confirm that dead crocodiles need to be buried quickly in sediment to fossilize.
by Ron Neller