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The scientific case against evolution
How do evolutionists construct their scientific case for evolution? How can the creationist respond in scientific terms?
by Shaun Doyle
The evolution train’s a-comin’
Evolution would require new genetic information, but only loss of genetic information is observed
by Carl Wieland
Why the elephant is losing its tusks (and it’s not evolution!)
Why the elephant is losing its tusks (and it’s not evolution!)
by David Catchpoole
Beneficial mutations: real or imaginary?—part 2
Beneficial mutations are real but they produce nothing new, only triggering into action the built-in modes of variation.
by Alex Williams
Beneficial mutations: real or imaginary?—part 1
As a result of studies of the human genome, mutations are being classified into just two categories—‘deleterious’ and ‘functional’.
by Alex Williams
Mistakes about mistakes
Do common mutations found in humans and apes prove evolution?
by Dominic Statham
Superbugs not super after all
‘Superbugs’ are seen by some as evidence of evolution in action but the truth is rather different.
by Carl Wieland
Beetle bloopers
Despite what evolutionists say, mutations are not evidence for evolution but rather evidence against it.
by Carl Wieland
Human genome decay and the origin of life
Observed mutational decay in the human genome provides clues to the origin of life.
by Alex Williams
Teenage mutant ninja people
Why comic book fiction is not biological reality
by Gordon Howard
Sensational Seeds—compact packages attest to God’s handiwork
A farmer plants a seed. Night and day, whether he sleeps or gets up, the seed sprouts and grows, though he does not know how …
by David Catchpoole
Mutant (non-ninja) turtle?
Two-headed turtles are obviously defects, but are they caused by DNA mutation?
by Carl Wieland