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Noah’s long-distance travelers
Well-rounded quartzite boulders, scattered over mountain tops, speak powerfully of the global Flood.
by John Hergenrather
Immense impacts or big belches?
Long-age evolutionary interpretations of the 'fossil record' result in evolutionists having to explain various 'mass extinctions' (including the demise of the dinosaurs) in the distant past, e.g. via asteroid impacts, or explosive vulcanism. But there's a much more straightforward answer.
by Carl Wieland
Was there an Ice Age?
The biblical Flood provided just the right conditions to cause a subsequent Ice Age.
by Jasmine Ireland and Stacia McKeever
Conundrum of new dates on moon basalts
Conundrum of new dates on moon basalts
by anon
Salt magma and sediments interfingered
Current secular theories cannot adequately explain salt formations. What about a high energy, short term event, such as Noah’s Flood?
by Stef J. Heerema and Gert-Jan H.A. van Heugten
Stones and Bones
Stones and Bones: Powerful evidence against evolution
by Carl Wieland
An impact Flood submodel—dealing with issues
by Michael J. Oard
What do impacts accomplish in the first hour?
by Michael J. Oard
Charles Lyell’s hidden agenda—to free science “from Moses”
He deceived the church to accept his false ideas that undermined the Gospel.
by David Catchpoole and Tas Walker
Climate change, Niagara and catastrophe
A geologist takes a closer look at ‘global warming’—and comes up with a surprising reminder of the rapid formation of Niagara Falls.
by Emil Silvestru
Waves of sadness
God’s responsibility for the 2004 killer tsunami
by Carl Wieland, CMI–Australia
Can Flood geology explain thick chalk beds?
Can Flood geology explain thick chalk beds?
by Andrew A. Snelling